Control Home Locks With Your Smart Phone – The Door Just Got Smarter


kwikset iphoneIf you have always been the type of consumer who loves technology and technological advances, you probably wondered why lock manufacturers hadn’t yet come up with the idea to allow home and business owners the option to control their locks with their smartphones. Today not only is this a reality, it is an option which more and more people are turning to. Why? For starters, it is more secure than traditional deadbolt locks. In addition to this, it gives you convenience to control locks from anywhere, allows you to lock and unlock your doors from your fingertips before you ever reach the door, and gives you the added convenience of knowing your doors are locked, and your home (or business) are protected, even if you forget to lock them with the key before leaving for the day. So, what should you look for when choosing home locks which can be controlled by a smartphone? These are a few key features to look for, thanks to the guys at

1. Compatibility with smart phones -

Goji Smart Lock1What good is owning a lock which can be controlled by a smartphone if it isn’t compatible with your phone? Rather than choose those locks which can only work with the iPhone, or specific model Android phone, look for locks which can be universally controlled by any phone, as long as it is a smartphone. Not only is it more convenient, it gives you far more options of locks to choose from, which in turn helps reduce prices you will pay for these smart control locks.

2. Unlimited control -

When choosing a lock, look for those which allow you to give unlimited access to as many (or as few people as you choose). Further, look for those locks which allow you to set time limits on the duration of that control. For example, if you have your parents visiting for one week, make sure you make the locks controllable by them for that time period, and no longer. The same goes with a significant other, friend, or others you want to allow to have access to your home. Many locks have this feature, and allow you to set the amount of time for which you give a certain individual control to lock and unlock the door while they are visiting.

3. Bluetooth compatibility -

lockitron appMany newer locks today don’t even require you to take your phone out of your pocket or purse to unlock the doors. In fact, with low energy Bluetooth connectivity, as long as you are within the set range distance, the doors will automatically open as you approach them. So, no need to fumble for your keys (or phone for that matter), especially if you are carrying several items and want quick access and entry into the home.

4. Backup system -

It is important to remember technology does fail from time to time, even though we want to believe it is perfect. Look for a control lock system which has built in backup options (such as allowing you to use the key to lock and unlock or to reset codes for access) when choosing a home lock you can control with your smartphone. Not only does this maintain the high level of precision and the convenience you seek allowing you to open and close the doors with a phone, it also gives you the ability to fix errors if they ever do occur.

Although these are not the only features you will find in new control locks which work via your smartphone today, they are a few of the more important features for you to consider when choosing a lock to place on your home’s door. Not only do you want the most technologically advanced model out there, but also the one which is going to function as it should, when you need it to work most. And, for those who want something that looks good as well, there are many models which come in brushed finishes, copper, stainless steel, or even gold exteriors for you to choose from. With new technologies available on a daily basis, and with more and more lock manufacturers entering this control lock market, the options are endless, as are the price points for these technologically advanced door locks homeowners can purchase today.

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