Reasons Why Volvo Has Come Up With New Digital Car Keys

Car keys are very essential to car owners. If one happens to misplace his or her car key, you will realize that he or she will not be in a position to drive his or her car home. This can be very frustrating. If one misplaces his car keys, he has to hire the services of a professional locksmith so that he can access his car. However, technology is changing rapidly. Modern cars are getting into the market with advanced safety and connectivity features. Volvo has actually announced that beginning in 2017, it will start selling its new cars with digital car keys. This means that Volvo owners will not be using the usual car keys to lock and unlock the car. They will instead use a Bluetooth-enabled digital car key. This digital car key will live on the user’s smartphone.

This digital car key will not only be used to lock and unlock the car but also start the engine of the car. Volvo owners will be offered this application on their mobile phones so that they can access their cars. There are many reasons why Volvo has come up with digital car keys. Some of the reasons include:

1. Volvo owners will not have to worry about misplacing their car keys.

VolvoOne feels very frustrated after losing their car keys. This is because you have to call a professional locksmith to help you access your car and so on. In addition, you are likely to encounter delays in the process of hiring a professional locksmith. However, with a digital car key, you do not have to worry about misplacing your car keys and so on. As long as you have your smartphone, you can readily access your car and drive it.

2. Digital car keys are less bulky.

You will realize that digital car keys are less bulky compared to the normal car keys. Many car owners normally prefer to have duplicates of their car keys in case they misplace their car key. These keys are very bulky to carry. However, with digital car keys, you do not have to carry physical car keys. You just have to ensure that you have your smartphone with you so that you can access your car.

3. Low maintenance cost.

Unlike the physical car key, the digital car key is easy to maintain. This is because it does not wear out now and then. Remember that you have to replace your physical car key once it wears out. This means that you will incur some cost in the process of replacing it. However, with a digital car key, you just have to ensure that your smartphone has that application all the time. This is truly incredible.

4. Enables you to share your car with your family members.

If you want to share your Volvo with your family members, you just have to send the virtual keys via the application. Once they have the virtual car keys on their smartphones, they can readily access your car and drive it.

5. Enables you to access many varieties of Volvo cars.

This technology normally allows you to access many varieties of Volvo cars. You will realize that different people have different tastes. You can receive more than one digital key on your app and that means that you will be in a position to access a variety of Volvo cars.

6. Allows you to pay for a rental Volvo car anywhere in the world.

Once you pay, the car will just be delivered to you wherever you are. Once the car has arrived, you just have to locate it using a GPS and unlock it.Once you unlock it, you can readily drive to your desired destination. This minimizes delays at car rental desks.

7. One cannot access your car without your consent.

Volvo Phone UnlockNowadays, you can readily access somebody’s car if at all you have the duplicate of the car key. However, it is difficult to access a car with a digital car key without the consent of the owner. If you want to access a car that uses a digital car key, you have to seek permission from the owner first. Once he or she accepts, he or she will send you the virtual keys via the app. This goes a long a way in optimizing the security of your car.

This technology has many benefits. Those are some of the Reasons Why Volvo’s New Digital Car Keys have come into place. This Bluetooth-enabled digital key technology will benefit many Volvo customers. If you are planning to buy a Volvo car, go ahead and enjoy this technology.

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