Falcon Locks – The Darling Of Many Locksmiths And Home Owners

Falcon LogoThere are so many locks present that at times it becomes so hard to pick the right lock for your home, office or business door. Prices may vary from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars and naturally property owners want the best value for their hard earned money, the most secure brands they can afford best suited to their door type. Among the many locks that have flooded the market is the Falcon Locks brand. This brand has however stand out among others brands due to its many features that make it so good and unique. Just what Makes Falcon Locks So Good? Here is the answer:


Falcon locks are among the most affordable brands available on the market. They also make highest quality picks. Although the quality might slightly vary depending on the type you buy, however the picks always perform.


FalcolnThis brand is also the favorite among professional locksmiths who knows what to look for in a quality lock. It’s the most recommended lock on the market by the security specialist and the insurance companies. Why? Its lock size makes fitting much easier, you will remove less wood from your door thus maintaining strength against any forced entrance. Each of the falcon locks contain at least five anti- pick levers as well as hard plates on each side of the case to prevent drilling attempts. Falcon locks are notoriously challenging to pick open because of their properly designed lever pack. Another good thing is that theses locks are available in a range of forms to suit all door sizes.


Falcon locks are designed to meet requirements of the commercial buildings and are also available for residential use. There aren’t standards handle sets, mortise lock sets or knobs that can match falcon locks certification.


These locks are also designed to withstand six door strikes, a 360 pound weight test and 800,000 cycles. Its deadbolts can withstand up to ten door strikes (hummer test) and 250,000 cycles.


This brand is completely un-bumpable, and while it does use exactly the same key as the normal product line, it operates in a totally different way. It’s very pick resistant. Its latest generation includes certain force resistant counter-measures that make it to be the best lock brand.


Falcon lock brands have a broad range of single pin picks that provide a variety of accessibility. This brand also has a special automobile entry tools that come in a specific pick of sets, or can be bought individually. Tension wrenches are available in all sizes and shapes and are of high quality. The significance of a tension wrench can’t be stressed enough, and the span of width enables you to access a great variety of locks.


Falcon lockWhen it comes to falcon locks you know very well that you’re getting quality. Although you may pay a little more than you would for other ordinary brands, however with this higher cost rest assured that you are getting locks that are durable and will last. The locks are built using a type of metal that is extremely sturdy, which makes falcon locks to stand up to rougher and extended usage. These locks are properly finished and need much less sanding compared to the average picks. The falcon lock company has also introduced electroless nickel metal that gives the pick a sleek feel. With the brand’s new metal, it’s noticeably easier to slide the pick around in the lock. As I mentioned earlier, these locks are the first choice of majority of locksmiths, in regard to their cases. A well designed pocket system and a solid stitching not only enable you to store several tools inside but also not have to fuss with getting the tools unstuck or loose. But if you’re ever in need of rekeying or repair services, make sure you call a local locksmith and they will come take care of your Falcon locks.



For majority of property owners, security comes first when choosing door locks for their properties, followed by price, style and lastly finish. Picking the best locks for your property depends on whether your door is exterior or interior, because each and every type of door requires totally different locking mechanisms. For instance, it wouldn’t make sense to install a push-button privacy lock set on your front entry door or a deadbolt on your bathroom door. As you prepare to venture into lock hunting mission try durable falcon locks.


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