Can All Locks Be Rekeyed?

Rekeying a lockkLosing your keys should not cause you sleepless nights. You can easily rekey your lost keys. You can also rekey your locks when you are moving to a new house. It is simple and will only take a few minutes to do. However, it is vital to look for a professional to do the rekeying for you. A professional will also know the right match of pins to use. As such, it will guarantee you the security that you and your family require. Can all locks be rekeyed? This depends on the type of lock, but a good number of them can be rekeyed. You can have all the locks of your house rekeyed. This method will increase security.

Rekeying involves replacing the internal pins of your locks with new ones. Rekeying is not the same as replacing the keys. Replacing the keys will take a lot of time. Replacing needs the locksmith to change the keys to all your doors. It is efficient because you do not have to get a new set of keys. It is a convenient way to keep burglars at bay. In case you are wondering what you get to benefit from changing the keys to your doors locks, here are numerous benefits that come with rekeying you locks.


ConvenienceRekeying the locks of your business or home is the best option if you do not want to carry several keys. Technology has made it easy such that you can use one key for all your locks at home. This means that you will only have one key, and you do not have to have the stress of figuring out which key opens which door. It is just one key for all the rooms in your house. No more carrying a whole bunch of keys for all the rooms in your home and business. Convenience is what you get nothing more.


You will be in a better position to increase the safety of your home. It will be a lot easier to know who has access to your home or business. Buying a new home means that there were some other tenants before you. Rekeying will give your home the security that you require. You will be rest assured that they cannot get access to your home. As a result, you will be able to sleep soundly at night. It is all you need to keep watch of your home when you are away. You do not need to spend a lot of money on expensive security methods.

Lower Cost

Low costYou will reduce the cost of rekeying your locks. This is especially true when you need to have multiple locks rekeyed. It will be a lot cheaper to rekey your locks than replacing the whole lock. It will be cheaper, and your security will be increased. You can even travel without having to worry about burglars breaking into your home. All you need is just get an expert who knows what they are supposed to do. In short, it is an economical way to keep your home secure. You will get a lot of benefit in the long run because of using this means to secure your home.

It is fast

The process of rekeying is faster and will be complete even before you know it. This means that you can have many locks replaced within a shorter time frame. Rekeying is one of the quickest ways to secure your home. You can use rekeying when you need to beef up the security in a short time. You do not have to worry about the keys getting accessed to by people you do not know. Furthermore, you will save a lot of time and money using rekeying for your business and home.

The next time you want rekeying done make sure you get a professional to do the job. They are experts in rekeying and will ensure that the keys work properly. Furthermore, they will give you expert advice n the best internal pins that you can use in the market. If you are still asking the question can all locks be rekeyed? Then you have your answer. In fact, you can have it done at affordable costs. All you have to do is ensure that you get professional help. Everything else will fall into place leaving you with doors that cannot be will easily by strangers. It is a guarantee to protecting your family.

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