Does Your Car Key Have A Twin?

car key twinsNobody would intentionally leave their car unlocked out in the streets, at the parking lot, or even in their very own driveway and garage. Many have come to realize the importance of a state of the art lock set for superior security, and greatly rely on it for their peace of mind. However, the thought of a car key having a twin does not even cross the minds of most people. This may sound like it belong to the typical “What if’s?” that are mostly merely thoughts to ponder on, but is actually very true at this point in time. To answer the question, “Does Your Car Key Have A Twin?” we dig deeper into facts and reality. Special thanks to the guys at Fountain Hills Locksmith Pros for all the useful information.

Twin Car Keys Discovery

Twin Car KeyHave you heard about the news on twin keys apparently lying in just one household? A mother discovered it soon after her son grabbed the wrong car keys, and was surprisingly able to unlock the car. The family had two cars that were of the same brand, bought two years apart, and got from different dealerships, namely, the Honda Odyssey and Honda Accord models.

This would make you stop and think, just how safe is your car out there? Or a more important question should be, how safe would you be while sitting inside your car? Imagine someone else, a stranger or thief, who may have the exact same key and effortlessly turn it without any tinkering and fidgeting to do? The odds are indeed quite low, and may even sound weird or unusual. Some do not even consider the chances and likelihood of this happening to them. But it does. Sad to say, there are a number of car owners who learned it the hard way after items have been stolen or the car itself is long gone.

The Truth Behind Twin Car Keys

honda keysStatistics reveal that renowned brands like Honda, Ford, and Toyota have a maximum of around 3500 distinctive combinations. It’s evident that sooner or later, the earlier combinations are bound to be utilized and eventually, someone will have the same key as yours in the palm of their hand. This is how twin car keys are born. So what now?

Analyzing further, it truly isn’t supposed to be immediately alarming. What could be the possibility that there are thieves roaming around under broad daylight, with a bunch of car keys attempting to find its perfect match? Opening the door does not necessarily mean the engine can be started and a car can easily be stolen just like that. Especially if you have opted for top security with contemporary locks and a trusted locksmith to perform expert installation, then worries can be shoved aside.

Implementing a higher grade lock such as deadbolts can enhance security. These are unique combinations that are different from what car manufacturers make use of, and it’s almost certain that getting a similar key is unlikely and you get to have peace of mind you deserve. When the question arises once more, “Does Your Car Key Have A Twin?” then it wouldn’t matter for you know at the back of your mind that you and your car are protected.

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