Introducing the Smart Kwikset Kevo Lock for Optimal Security

Kwikset KEvo Plus 1Kwikset’s Kevo Bluetooth lock receives lots of praise for enhancing and easing security. According to experts it is the lockset that surpasses all the rest as it doesn’t allow any unauthorized entry or cave in to tampering. At first glance, the lock resembles an ordinary deadbolt until you come close enough to for the spinning blue light to illuminate the cylinder as prove that there is nothing ordinary about it. Thanks to the guys at for all the useful information.

Kevo by Kwikset features a single cylinder deadbolt locking assembly, interior housing, a pair of normal keys, four AA batteries, two e-Keys, a keychain fob and all the hardware needed for installation. This lock is considered to be the first smart deadbolt which doesn’t demand physical keys or keypads to unlock a door. Instead, they depend on Bluetooth signals to lock and unlock doors automatically. It is easy to set up the lock set in a process that takes as few as 20 minutes for an experienced locksmith.

After successful installation of the lockset, you need to sync it with Kwikset’s app which at the moment is only compatible with iPhones. Once the app is properly calibrated with the lock, it will recognize when you leave the house or need to enter so you will never have to put a key in a lock. When you are close enough to the door the smart lock will detect your presence and turn blue as it tries to verify the connection. It will turn green when properly activated and purple if the signal is too low. Red is the telltale sign that your Kwikset lock did not close properly.

kwikset logo1You might wonder how this smart lock will benefit a family whose members do not come and go at the same time but there is no cause for alarm. Kevo by Kwikset allows users to share their e-Keys with other people who can then use their smartphones to unlock your door when you are away. The developers of this technology give six free e-keys but homeowners will have to pay a fee of $2 for all extras. If you do not want a certain person accessing your property all you have to do is deactivate their key which can be reassigned to another person.

The lock’s unique design allows it to blend in so well that few will ever know that you use a smart lock. It comes in nickel, brass and Venetian bronze finishes to match different doorknob designs. Choosing Kwikset’s Kevo is a great decision that saves you time and energy as well as the hassle of caring for keys. You are guaranteed access to you your home or business premises as long as you have your iPhone and nobody will be able to get in or out unless you want them to.

Kevo will set you back $219 which is quite high but for people seeking convenience and absolute security it is a small price to pay. If you haven’t already, it is surely time to ditch your dumb lock and enjoy peace of mind the Kwikset Kevo way. Do this and you will never have to keep track of a bunch of fob keys that will eventually get lost.

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