What Makes Schlage Such A Good Lock Brand?

Schlage LockWhen it comes to the most reliable lock brands, Schlage remains a household name. This is the brand that’s very much admired for its quality products offering incredible benefits, effectiveness as well as reliability. These door locks are highly reliable and thus perfect for controlling access into our properties or business premises. For many decades, the company has created numerous varieties of locking systems that are capable enough to maintain the security of our homes or business premises.

What really makes Schlage such a great brand are the safety features that it boasts. Each lock can be modified to have security features that are exactly what you want or need. But the basic safety aspects of the locks are as follows;

1)Practical Design and Construction

The tubular design aspect of these incredible locks makes them very hard to pick. Additionally, the keys have a unique shape alongside abnormal bittings on multiple key faces. The hardy construction which is forged from brass also makes them resistant to kick-ins as well as other types of tampering.

2) Electronic Lock Capability

Schlage SenseThe latest locking systems from Schlage that are designed for both residential as well as commercial applications are actually programmable. This allows for key-less entry, multiple user codes, and auto-locking after the door closes. The company pre-programs the locks with random codes so each code is different, thereby adding another security layer. Next time a friend asks you “what makes Schlage such a good lock brand?”, don’t forget to tell them about this incredible feature.

Benefits Of Schlage Locks

While the security features alone make Schlage locks quite admirable, these locks that are in fact considered the most technologically advanced also have a number of incredible benefits including but not limited to the following;


1) Schlage Locks are Very Much Affordable


Despite having lots of incredible security features, Schlage locks are among the cheapest locks on the market! The cost of acquiring these locks as well as having them installed is ridiculously affordable.


2)Schlage Locks Have the Ability to Customize


Every locksmith will tell you that Schlage locks are some of the most customizable locks out there. They can be modified to suit your needs without compromising on the security as well as quality that they offer.


3)Schlage Locks Allow for Sensor Installation


If you don’t have time to install a keypad system, you can hook up your Schlage lock with a sensor system. This makes the entire system very easy to use.


Every home or business needs to have some sort of security in place to keep the family or property secure as well as safe. Having the appropriate security measures can help bar burglars or unauthorized persons from entering your property. Whether you have property or run a business, security is something you will always be concerned about. However, with any lock system from Schlage, you can be rest assured that your property is safe. Schlage locks are no doubt the most technologically advanced locks you can entrust with the security of your home or business.

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