Should I Rekey or Replace My Locks

Rekey or Replace

There are many things that may prompt you to seek a lock replacement or lock rekey. A lock may grow inoperable or you may lose your key or you just need to improve the security of your home. Every one of these scenarios requires that you either change your lock or rekey it. But often, people call in for the wrong service. There are instances where all you need is a rekey, and there are others where you need a complete overhaul of the lock system. Below, thanks to the help of, find the differences and recommendations on what you need to do in every one of the scenarios the article highlights above.

1. Rekeying

rekeying a lockRekeying is a simple process of altering a lock’s tumbler or wafer configuration so that a new key may function while an old one doesn’t. You can rekey on your own or you may call in a locksmith. Rekeying is not ideal in every case. It is mostly appropriate when the lock is not old or damaged, otherwise it will be prudent to replace the entire lock.

Rekeying guarantees the following benefits:-

- -Cost Benefits— One of the foremost benefits that rekeying has over complete replacement of the lock system lies in its significantly lower cost. Rekeying can cost you around $80 while replacing the lock may cost you from $130 to $360. You also won’t need to buy any new hardware.

- -Rekeying takes a shorter time than a replacement- The while it takes to rekey is significantly less than complete replacement of the lock system. In fact, most locksmiths can rekey in about half the time it would take to replace the entire lock. This is particularly important if it is about multiple locks in a business setting where time is of great essence.

- -Convenience- Rekeying the entire home or business premises can save you the trouble of guessing which keys fit a particular lock or the inconvenience of carrying many keys on your key ring. That is if you want all the locks in your home or business premises to work on a single key. Moreover, the new rekeying hardware will be keyed to the same lock.

Rekeying won’t change the look of your door as there will be no paint lines.


2. Replacing the Lock

replacing a lockReplacing the lock is the alternative to rekeying the lock. It involves a complete change of the entire lock. Replacing a lock is appropriate in the following situations:-

- -Break-Ins- Where there has been a break-in or a break-in attempt, it is advisable to completely replace the lock system. It is all about security and a feeling of security. It is important to obviate any possibility that a burglar or any other ill-motivated person can have access to your home. A break-in attempt, though foiled, can still leave damage to the existing lock. For peace of mind and safety, you are better replacing the lock system.

- – Enhancing Security- In case you need more security, maybe because of threats or recently acquired valuables, it will be ideal to change the entire lock system. Just rekeying will leave the locks with the original vulnerabilities.

- – Changing out your door- This is pretty straightforward. A new door will just require a new lock system.

- -Aesthetics- When you decide to repaint or renovate your home, you may also need to change the lock so that it may cohere with the new theme.

- -Wear and Tear- Older locks may grow weaker. Thus, your locksmith may advise you when it is necessary to completely replace your lock system.

- Vintage Locks- Sometimes it will be difficult to find replacement parts for obsolete or vintage locks. In those instances, it is only proper if you completely change your lock system.


To rekey or replace the lock system depends on the exigencies of every situation and your preferences. But while at it, whether replacing or rekeying, find a trustworthy and competent locksmith; otherwise, you will find yourself with the very demons you are fleeing from. Some locksmiths can clandestinely make extra copies of keys for themselves- isn’t it chilling to think of all the despicable motivations why they might do that? Yeah, it is. Therefore, in addition to finding a trustworthy and genuine locksmith, be around when he goes around his business at your home or in his station of work.

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