Why You Should Only Allow Locksmiths To Repair Your Locks

You may require the services of an expert locksmith at any hour. While emergency situations can see you locked out of your home or inside it, there are other instances where you will need to rely on a locksmith for a variety of reasons. For example, if you want to change your door locks for additional security or you want to upgrade to a better security system. A good locksmith can help you create the best security network for your home or place of business. Here are some of the top reasons to use the services of experienced locksmiths.




The best locksmiths come with proper certifications. This is important keeping in mind the sensitive nature of their job. They will be working inside your home or place of business. They will be handling your security apparatus and they have inside knowledge of how a security system works. It helps to know that your locksmith has a good standing, and carries certifications.


Taking care of all your security needs-


Alarm system1The word locksmith is usually associated with someone dealing in traditional locks. However, today, many hi-tech security systems are also available. Modern locksmiths handle sensitive security systems, install the systems, offer recommendations regarding the best security systems and undertake upgrade and maintenance of the security systems. Because a security system needs to be in top-notch condition at all times, you want to ensure that it is well taken care of. Therefore, in addition to installation and expert locksmith will also offer services such as maintenance to keep the security mechanisms in a fine condition. This way you can rest easy knowing that whether you are at work, enjoying a favorite hobby, or sleeping, the security system is keeping your home and place of business safe and secure.


Helping assess security-


If you are planning to move to a new home or relocate your business, you would want to hire the services of an expert locksmith to carry out a check of the security apparatus. if repairs are needed or locks need to be changed you can depend on the services of a locksmith. An expert locksmith offers plenty of reasons to hire their services. Particularly, if you are moving into a relatively unfamiliar place, it is very important to let a locksmith first assess the security apparatus that is in existence and carry out repairs and maintenance where needed.


Find help easily-


Locksmiths can be reached easily. You can call them at any time. This is very important keeping in view that emergencies can crop up at any time of the day. Also, locksmiths will be accessible through phone. So whatever the emergency, you can always dial the nearest locksmith to receive help quickly. Because they have handled plenty of emergency situations and help people locked in their cars or homes or other places, it is important to rely on their services during any emergency.


Insurance for your property-


InsuranceAnother reason to let the best locksmiths repair your locks would be that they carry insurance. If any damage is caused to your property during the process of repairs, upgrade or installation, it can be paid through insurance. Also, it is important to let locksmiths handle your security so that your property insurance remains watertight. Many insurance companies are very fussy about security systems so if you are planning to buy the best insurance for your home or place of business or any other type of property it is a good idea to hire the services of an expert locksmith to first get the security apparatus in a good condition.


All types of security, particularly at doors or windows or any other point of entry, needs to be in top working condition and also offer protection against unauthorized entry. It is very important to rely on the services of a locksmith to maintain these mechanisms in a perfect condition. Locksmiths have a wide range of expertise, and can help secure many types of installations. You may want to ask them about the type of installations they service, before hiring their services. Some locksmiths work only with safes and similar apparatus. Other locksmiths offer security related repairs for points of entry and exit.

It is important to keep a locksmith’s phone number on your contacts list. You never know when you need help immediately.


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Why Your Key May Not Turn In Your Ignition

Car ignition 3It’s common to have cars with ignition keys that fail to turn. The experience is usually very frustrating and time consuming and it can delay you in going where you want. Ignition key problems are usually brought about by the model of your car or the situation that you are in.

ChevelleMost car owners have complaints against vehicle that either the key sticks in the ignition or it doesn’t turn. It was not a cost issue until the cars were under warranty but after the warranty expired, the value of the cars steadily depreciated in the used car market. Plus the owners have to shell out quite a bit to get it repaired at their own cost.

The time period while the ignition works well depends but whether it is two months or 5 years, the bare truth is that it will get jammed. You may have issues with the car key getting stuck in the ignition and only jiggling the ignition will allow you to start which is a sure sign that you need to call in a professional to get the ignition repaired or changed. But if you own a vehicle, you just cannot get away with this problem.

Many believe that the reason for the jamming and ignition switch issue is related to poor design and cheap quality manufacturing by the manufacturers. Some ignition switches are known to catch fire, thus it is best to keep in mind that any malfunction could leave you stranded anywhere.

transponder1The connection between the ignition and the car’s computer is through the Transponder microchip inbuilt within the car key. Changing the ignition switch, which is a professional and complex operation, needs an expert auto locksmith to do the installation. You can’t just take it to the dealership for getting this done due to high costs.

Why does this problem arise?

Well, the basic reason is that the ignition assembly is not of the quality that is desired and thus gets worn out very fast, leaving you with numerous glitches. Other experts believe that there is a design issue that adds to the problem. Generally this kind of a situation arises when the wafers jam the ignition and the cylinder bends, leaving then latched in a position which does not allow them to move.

Check if you are having any of these issues with your car:

-Difficulty in turning the key in the ignition

-Sticking ignition

-Key is dirty after removing or turning

-Unable to remove the key

-Key locked in a position

-Completely ‘frozen’ key

Help is at hand. Expert locksmiths can do this job efficiently and pay half the cost of getting the ignition assembles replaced at a dealership. Different locksmiths handle this problem in their own way but usually fix the ignition but in extreme situations need to replace the ignition and reprogramming it to Mach the rest of the car locks and the key

Fix an Ignition Key That Doesn’t Turn

The first thing that you should do is to check the parking brake light and ensure that it’s on. This is to ensure that you don’t roll away when trying to turn the key. After ensuring that the light is on you should apply some pressure on the key and turn the steering wheel back and forth in order to find a free spot to turn the key.

Many automatic cars will prevent you from turning the key if the selector is not in the park or neutral position; therefore, you should ensure that the selector is in the right position.

If the selector is in the park position and you have tried to turn the key and it can’t, you should now clean and lubricate the lock cylinder. Here you need to spray small amounts of electrical contact cleaner in order to flush away any dirt and grime that might be in the cylinder.

This should be followed by a quick spray of silicone or a drop of graphite. When applying you should be very careful and avoid dripping the lubricant on upholstery or carpet.

You should prevent accumulation of fumes in the car by keeping the car open. To prevent fire you should avoid sparks and open flames near the lock cylinder. Once you have lubricated enough, you should try turning the key again.

If the key refuses to turn, the problem might be in the tumbler; the tumbler might have been stuck in a locked position. To correct the problem you should firmly tap the face of the lock cylinder using a tack hammer. You should tap for at least one minute.

If you do this and the key refuses to turn, you should now check the key for any problems. Here you should place the key on a very flat and solid surface then check if it lays flat or is arched up. If it looks crooked, you should strike it using a block of wood or a similar hard object.

You should avoid using a hammer, steel, or a hard metal object as you can damage the grooves of the key. If the key is now flat and it still can’t turn, you should tap it using a hammer while it’s still in the ignition. If you have tried all this and key fails to turn, you should seek the services of a reputable locksmith.

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Car Ignition Switch Issues – What You Need To Know

ignition switchThe ignition switch system is one of the most critical parts that ensure a smooth operation of the vehicle. The ignition switch is normally located in the column of the steering wheel and is used to trigger (or crank) the engine cycle that is designed to drive the vehicle in the forward or reverse direction. However, just like any other component, there are several ignition switch issues that may hinder the smooth operation of the vehicle. While some of these issues may be fixed by a novice, there are others that will need to be attended by a professional car locksmith.

Here are some of the issues associated with the ignition switches:

Ignition Switch Fails To Turn When The Key Has Been Inserted

In some instances the ignition switch may fail to turn even after inserting the key. If this happens try jiggling the steering wheel back and forth. The steering wheel may be binding because one of the front wheels is turned at an angle against a curb. This ends up putting a load on the steering linkage that may be sufficient to bind the ignition switch and the column lock.

LubeIf the problem is a binding switch (hard to turn in either direction), using a non-conductive lubricant such as aerosol electronics cleaner or dielectric silicon grease may save your day. CAUTION: Avoid using penetrating oil as it might short the electrical contacts within the switch.

Key Is Broken Off Inside the Ignition Switch

ignition keyIf this is the issue, it is recommended to find a lock smith to have him remove the key. Once removed you may use a spare key (if you have one). Otherwise, you can have a new one made from the old, broken key. However, this may or may not be depending on the damage. If you do not have a spare key and a new one cannot be made from the broken one, the only option is to buy a new lock cylinder and keys.

If your car has a smart key, you’ll need to have a new key programmed for your car. This will require you to tow the car to an authorized repair shop so they can program the computer to recognize the new key.

Manufacturer Defect

Another common reason ignition switches fail is defective parts right from the start. Most car manufacturers will warranty the component if the vehicle is still under warranty. Otherwise, any experienced and licensed automotive locksmith can fix the problem. Watch out for common vehicles with factory-related ignition switch issues when buying a car.

Jammed Up or Worn Out Wafers

Every ignition switch has a set of wafers that are unique to the cuts on the key. After some time these parts wear out, become packed with grime and dirt causing the ignition switch to malfunction. It is possible to have the switch repaired without the need for a replacement; just simple cleaning or individual wafer replacement.

Wrong or Worn Out Key

Just like the rest of your vehicle, keys are prone to wear and tear. As they lose material, keys become less effective and finally stop working. In this case you will need to use a spare key (if you have any) to see if it will solve the issue. If it works, the problem is a bad key and not the ignition switch. If you do not have a spare key, a professional car locksmith can make another one for you using a key code from the owner’s manual. This will ensure that the key is correctly cut and functional. Otherwise, you’ll need to replace the switch along with a new set of keys.

Transponder Key Fails To Communicate with PCM

The key security or malfunction light indicator means the computer chip has either is no longer functional or it has lost its program. This kind of ignition problem has two options; to reprogram the existing key (if possible), or reproduce the existing cuts and program a totally new key. Any experienced automotive locksmith can without doubt help with this kind of service.

Key Fails to Come Out of the Switch When Engine is Turned Off

This may be caused by binding in the steering lock column. If this is the case, try joggling the steering wheel back and forth until you feel “click” into a locked position. The key can now be removed from the ignition switch. If the key still fails to come out, the issue could be a damaged column locking mechanism.

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Replacement Car keys Don’t Have To Be Expensive If You Choose A Locksmith

Replacement keysCar keys are very essential to car owners. If you do not have your car keys, you cannot access your car. Many car owners have lost their car keys at one time or another. You will realize that most car owners normally do not have a duplicate car keys. If you happen to misplace your car keys at night, you can get frustrated. You can also lose your car keys in the market and so on. This might inconvenience you a great deal. Some people normally consulting car dealership services for car key replacement. Others normally opt to hire the services of a locksmith to replace the car key for them. Both services are good but one is more expensive than the other. You will realize that car dealership is more expensive than car dealership.

If your car is a new model in the market, you will realize that its keys are likely to contain special computer chips. If you misplace a specialized type of car key, you need to look for a local locksmith who is experienced in the field of replacing specialized car keys. He or she should be in a position to laser cut keys or provide transponder keys. Locksmiths can actually perform these specialty key cutting services at a cheaper price than car dealership. Remember that car dealership tend to take advantage of their customers. If your car dealership is asking for $100 for a single replacement key, your local locksmith can charge you $50 for car key replacement. This is the reason why locksmith services are relatively cheaper than car dealership. The other reasons why you should choose the services of your local locksmith include:

1. Professionalism.

locksmith recommendationThese individuals are professionals in the field of car key replacement. They are well trained and have the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies needed in this field. Once you hire them, you will enjoy their services. Do not just hire anybody just because he or she can replace a car key for you. You should settle for a professional locksmith who can replace the car keys for you. In addition, you will realize that these individuals normally have the necessary tools needed to perform car key replacement.

2. Convenience.

Everybody likes convenience. Misplacing your car keys can actually inconvenience you a great deal. You will realize that it is more convenient to hire a locksmith than a car dealership. When you opt to go for car dealership services, you will be required to bring the following: your driving license, car registration, vehicle identification number and so on. This can actually inconvenience you a little. However, when you hire a locksmith, he or she will come immediately to help you out. Their services are fast and more convenient since you do not have to provide him or her with all those details.

3. Locksmiths respond to emergency situations.

24 hourYou might misplace your car keys at night and you have to drive home. You can also misplace your ca keys at home and you have to drive at work. This is the reason why you need emergency services so that you can reach your next destination. In this case, you need to hire a locksmith. He or she will fix the problem for you and you will enjoy driving your car once again. You will realize that they normally offer immediate services and you can be assured that you will have your car keys replaced as soon as possible.

4. They offer reliable services.

You will realize that the services of an automobile locksmith are very reliable. Once you hire him or her, he or she will turn up without failing. These individuals are normally ready to serve. They rarely frustrate their customers. You can always rely on their services anytime that you want car key replacement.

5. It saves you a lot of time.

Save TimeWhen you hire the services of car dealership, you might have to wait for one or two weeks before you obtain your new car keys. However, when you hire the services of an automobile locksmith, he or she will take one or two hours to replace your car keys. This can save you a lot of time.

6. No geographical constraints.

Automobile locksmiths can readily offer their services even if you live in a remote area. These individuals are normally a phone call away. You do not have to face any geographical constraints.

It is true to say that replacement of car keys is not expensive if you hire the services of an automobile locksmith. These individuals are dedicated to their work and they have a good experience in car key replacement. You do not have to dig deep into your pocket when replacing your car keys. Hire an automobile locksmith and you will enjoy the results.

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Danalock Smart Lock the Smart Option

Danalock logoThe $179 Poly-Control Danalock accompanies both Bluetooth and Z-Wave capacities. What’s more, in spite of the fact that Z-Wave incorporation restricted to the Vera Gateway home-robotization center, Danalock’s nearest rival, the $250 US-just August Smart Lock, doesn’t at present offer remote access by any stretch of the imagination.
Tempe Locksmith Pros

Indeed, even with this extra element, the less costly Danalock misses the mark at each stride. It appears to be like August, yet feels necessarily less durable; it was harder to introduce; the application isn’t particularly instinctive; I never got a notice, and its thumb to open element, a setting that should give you “a chance to hit” on your Smartphone to open your front entryway, never worked. These variables make the Danalock hard to prescribe, particularly when stacked against the exceedingly evaluated August.

DanalockDanalock is intended to work with most existing deadbolts, so it ought to be as fundamental as expelling the thumb turn from your existing bolt and joining Poly-Control’s adaptation. That is a piece of what gives this lock – and August – so much offer; you don’t need to wreckage much with the equipment guys by any means, you’re indeed just adding extra stuff to your present setup. What’s more, that is precisely what we encountered with August, yet it wasn’t so natural with this lock.

The Danalock webpage gloats a four-stage process that should take you from beginning to end – unmount the present lock, mount the connector plate, mount Danalock and download the application. Despite the fact that unmounting my old bolt and downloading the application were clear, the connector plate and Danalock mounting were lots more included.

I initially attempted to introduce this lock at our office on an entryway that we utilize particularly for this sort of testing. In the wake of taking after the fast began to guide and introducing the lock, everything looked right. However, the deadbolt wouldn’t turn. It seemed like it was attempting to set, however, wouldn’t move. I affirmed that the deadbolt itself wasn’t defective and read through the nuttier gritty client manual to find that the tailpiece was the offender.

The tailpiece is a thin bit of metal that pivots when the key is turned – or when the engine inside a savvy lock turns it – and is a noteworthy deadbolt part. As a significant aspect of the current lock, I wouldn’t have anticipated that would keep running into an issue with the tailpiece.

Danalock 1In any case, the Danalock manual specifies that “Numerous entryways have tailpieces that amplify 10-15mm on from the doorplate, and are more than 5mm wide. These will fit the Danalock without conformities.” However, “different entryways have tailpieces that are square-molded or under 5mm wide. For these sorts of tailpieces we emphatically suggest you cut the length, so the tailpiece adjusts to the entryway surface,” and it is inferred that this kind of tailpiece additionally develops 10-15mm from the doorplate, in spite of the fact that that wasn’t straightforwardly expressed. The manual proceeds with, “You then need to embed one of the tailpiece extenders you find in the Danalock bundle.”

Besides the fairly befuddling dialect, I quantified the tailpiece to conclude that it fell somewhere between 10 and 15mm, yet was barely short of 5mm wide. That implies that I would have expected to utilize a different apparatus to chop down the length of the tailpiece. Despite the fact that this could be a sufficiently simple fix for a few, most families don’t have the right devices for this kind of change simply lying around. Also, since a ton of people would presumably enroll the assistance of a locksmith as of right now (making it more than a major DIY establishment), I chose to uninstall the Danalock and attempt my fortunes on an alternate entryway.

The second endeavor went a great deal all the more easily, as the tailpiece was more extensive and flush with the entryway. I could include one of the plastic extenders incorporated into the pack and make them work without performing surgery on the tailpiece itself. Indeed, even along these lines, the connector plate’s openings were somewhat wonky (as in, they didn’t line up with the fasten areas well either introduce) and the area of the screw gaps for mounting the Danalock to the baseplate was not particularly simple to reach.

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Home Security – Secure Your Garage

If you have a garage and it is filled with expensive tools, household equipment and gardening equipment and your family vehicles, you will want to go the extra mile for keeping it secure. While you may store traditional valuables like jewelry and collectors’ items in your home, your garage will be home to a variety of expensive tools and other items that are pricey investments. Criminals know this and they also know it is much easier to break into a garage then it is to get into a home. Homeowners may have alarm systems on the house and they are on the premises and aware of what is going on. This may not be the case for the garage, so burglars target the garage instead of the home. Keeping a garage secure is a challenge, but there are plenty of things you can do to make things safe. Consider steel buildings or a roll up door to keep things safe and add an extra layer of security to your garage.

Garage Door LocksLocks are a great way to keep those out of a space you do not want them in. The lock protects the doors of the structure and if locks are sturdy, they may be burglar proof. Basic locks are often easy to break and criminals may be able to pop open on a lock on a garage in just a few seconds. If you want to secure the traditional entrance into your garage, get a heavy-duty deadbolt lock that will deter criminals.

Tinted Garage WindowsTinting or covering the windows is often a deterrent for criminals. If burglars are unable to see into a space, they may not waste time trying to get in. This may not seem like a big deal, but if a burglar plans to rob one garage on a particular block, they are going to want to choose the one that they are most sure is filled with valuables. While they may assume you have expensive tools and items stored in the garage, they are not going to waste their limited time on a space they cannot guarantee will yield high results. They will go to the home where they can see the mechanical equipment, expensive car and other gadgets.

You can alarm your garage just like you alarm your home. While this may seem like an expensive investment, it is often as simple as just adding another hook-up to your regular home alarm. If your garage is attached to your home, alarming it is easy. Remember, the investment will be worth it if it deters criminal activity.
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How to keep your Garage and Home secured

High Security Door Locks - Using a good garage lock on the garage’s entrances can make sure that you and your family are safe. When looking to improve home security, here are a few things you can do to secure your garage door.

Padlocks - Install a sturdy security hasp across the opening of your exterior doors and secure with a padlock to as a deterrent against potential burglars. Make sure that the padlock in question is made from thick metal and strong enough to handle any abuse.

Anchors - Concrete anchors can drill into the ground and prevent the doors of your garage from opening. Because they are mounted inside, there is no way a thief can reach or access them. Use a good garage security bolt lock.

Bolts - Otherwise known as deadbolts, by installing a bolt latching system or even forcing a bolt through your garage door tracts you can increase the security of your garage door. Being able to remove this bolt quickly and easily is a big bonus when you want to get out of the house quickly.

Go beyond Garage Door Locks

Physically installing door locks isn’t the only way to improve your Garage from burglary attempts.

Upgrade Your Security - Securing your home against burglaries can boost its security to a stage of actually preventing a robber from gaining entry to your premises. Use a good quality door and install an iron gate and window grilles. You can also enhance your security by installing alarm, cctv, etc.

Remote - Keep your remote near by and make sure it never disappears to a place off sight. Burglars can copy the code or transfer the code to any other remote within a matter of seconds. Without the proper foresight, a burglar could get his hands on the one way into your home that requires no security.

Rolling codes - Modern automatic garage door openers feature rolling security codes, which rotate and change the programmed codes each and every time your automatic door opens. This prevents any chance of a thief stealing your codes when you are transmitting from your remote.

Double Check - Your side door should always be locked and double checked at every end of the day. As stated previously more often than not, a side door exit from a garage left unlocked, giving thieves easy access to your property


It is very simple to keep your garage secure. Make sure all doors and windows are secure and locked. You can make your automatic door opener more secure by changing the combination to of the electronic lock. Read your owner’s manual or contact the place where it was bought or built to find out how. Add a deadbolt to the door that leads out of the garage as well as to the door between your home and the garage. If you have a window, plant some sort of pointy bush beneath it, so it is difficult and painful to reach the window. Always keep the garage door closed if you are not around to keep an eye on it, even if you are only running out for a short time.

Once you know how to keep your garage secure, you are taking a big step towards keeping your home secure.

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Garage Door Locks – Security, Safety and Convenience

Frequently targeted by burglars and thieves, the garage doors are a vital part of your homes defense. Operated by a secure remote, powered garage doors usually have functions to block out the remote or outside access panel, in the event you are not going to be home for long periods of time.

Overlooked and usually forgotten about, the door that allows you to leave the garage is usually unlocked. The doors of your garage should be shut and locked before you go to bed each and every night. It should also be locked when you are away from your home of course.
Columbus Garage Door Pros

Choosing Door Locks

deadboltsReplace standard door locks that usually come with garage doors as they are not resistant to picking, hammering, and other attacks. For overhead doors that roll up or tilt up, secure them with bolts or padlocks that are installed in the center of the tracks one-fourth of an inch above the roller when the door is closed.

You can also choose a lock and bolt combination and extend the bolt into the metal sleeve and have it recessed into the driveway by about two or three inches. If you choose a padlock and latch combination, make sure the hasp is correctly installed and that the screws are not exposed.

transmitterPick a lock that is able to work with your existing automatic door closer, remote control device and alarm systems. For safety purposes, make sure that your automatic closers have safety mechanisms that enable them to reverse and stop if they are obstructed.

Before installing door locks, make sure that the garage door, hinge mechanisms, rollers, tracks are working properly. See to it also that your door handles, lever, pulls and bells are installed correctly, not only for aesthetics purposes but for convenience.

How to keep your Garage and Home secured

High-Security Door Locks – Using a good garage lock on the garage’s entrances can make sure that you and your family are safe. When looking to improve home security, here are a few things you can do to secure your garage door.

Padlocks – Install a sturdy security hasp across the opening of your exterior doors and secure with a padlock to as a deterrent against potential burglars. Make sure that the padlock in question is made from thick metal and strong enough to handle any abuse.

Here are some garage door locks to consider

Keyed Cylinder T-Handle Lock in Chrome

This is an all-metal garage door lock from Prime-Line, available at hardwarestore.com. It is used together with an interior Swivel Lock Handle or a locking hub and it can replace most overhead sectional steel or wood garage doors keyed with some kind of T lock handles. This lock can as well be used on doors of mobile homes and recreational vehicles.


Concrete anchors can drill into the ground and prevent the doors of your garage from opening. Because they are mounted inside, there is no way a thief can reach or access them. Use a good garage security bolt lock.


Otherwise known as deadbolts, by installing a bolt latching system or even forcing a bolt through your garage door tracts you can increase the security of your garage door. Being able to remove this bolt quickly and easily is a big bonus when you want to get out of the house quickly.

Stanley Aluminum Deadbolt Lock & Key Cylinder

This deadbolt lock is ideal for garage doors that have locking cores. Its chief cylinder lock has a solid tumbler, and it supersedes most overhead garage door locks made of steel or wood. All its parts, including the mounting hardware, fasteners and plates are all made of metal.

National Hardware Deadbolt V7651 Garage Door Lock

This aluminum deadbolt lock, available at shop.com, is resistant to burglar attacks because the two-inch lock cylinder is installed on the outside while the lock body is mounted on the inner side of the door, making a rectangular notch in a locking bar assembly which is 3.5-inch long. It is in chrome finish and weighs 0.75 pounds.
Security CamerasSecuring your home against burglaries can boost its security to a stage of actually preventing a robber from gaining entry to your premises. Use a good quality door and install an iron gate and window grilles. You can also enhance your security by installing an alarm, CCTV, etc.

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Reasons Why Volvo Has Come Up With New Digital Car Keys

Car keys are very essential to car owners. If one happens to misplace his or her car key, you will realize that he or she will not be in a position to drive his or her car home. This can be very frustrating. If one misplaces his car keys, he has to hire the services of a professional locksmith so that he can access his car. However, technology is changing rapidly. Modern cars are getting into the market with advanced safety and connectivity features. Volvo has actually announced that beginning in 2017, it will start selling its new cars with digital car keys. This means that Volvo owners will not be using the usual car keys to lock and unlock the car. They will instead use a Bluetooth-enabled digital car key. This digital car key will live on the user’s smartphone.

This digital car key will not only be used to lock and unlock the car but also start the engine of the car. Volvo owners will be offered this application on their mobile phones so that they can access their cars. There are many reasons why Volvo has come up with digital car keys. Some of the reasons include:

1. Volvo owners will not have to worry about misplacing their car keys.

VolvoOne feels very frustrated after losing their car keys. This is because you have to call a professional locksmith to help you access your car and so on. In addition, you are likely to encounter delays in the process of hiring a professional locksmith. However, with a digital car key, you do not have to worry about misplacing your car keys and so on. As long as you have your smartphone, you can readily access your car and drive it.

2. Digital car keys are less bulky.

You will realize that digital car keys are less bulky compared to the normal car keys. Many car owners normally prefer to have duplicates of their car keys in case they misplace their car key. These keys are very bulky to carry. However, with digital car keys, you do not have to carry physical car keys. You just have to ensure that you have your smartphone with you so that you can access your car.

3. Low maintenance cost.

Unlike the physical car key, the digital car key is easy to maintain. This is because it does not wear out now and then. Remember that you have to replace your physical car key once it wears out. This means that you will incur some cost in the process of replacing it. However, with a digital car key, you just have to ensure that your smartphone has that application all the time. This is truly incredible.

4. Enables you to share your car with your family members.

If you want to share your Volvo with your family members, you just have to send the virtual keys via the application. Once they have the virtual car keys on their smartphones, they can readily access your car and drive it.

5. Enables you to access many varieties of Volvo cars.

This technology normally allows you to access many varieties of Volvo cars. You will realize that different people have different tastes. You can receive more than one digital key on your app and that means that you will be in a position to access a variety of Volvo cars.

6. Allows you to pay for a rental Volvo car anywhere in the world.

Once you pay, the car will just be delivered to you wherever you are. Once the car has arrived, you just have to locate it using a GPS and unlock it.Once you unlock it, you can readily drive to your desired destination. This minimizes delays at car rental desks.

7. One cannot access your car without your consent.

Volvo Phone UnlockNowadays, you can readily access somebody’s car if at all you have the duplicate of the car key. However, it is difficult to access a car with a digital car key without the consent of the owner. If you want to access a car that uses a digital car key, you have to seek permission from the owner first. Once he or she accepts, he or she will send you the virtual keys via the app. This goes a long a way in optimizing the security of your car.

This technology has many benefits. Those are some of the Reasons Why Volvo’s New Digital Car Keys have come into place. This Bluetooth-enabled digital key technology will benefit many Volvo customers. If you are planning to buy a Volvo car, go ahead and enjoy this technology.

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An Inside Look at the Kwikset Kevo Plus

The Kwikset kevo Plus is an enhancement to the kevo Smart Lock. The Kevo Plus brings the additional feature of having home owners remotely access and control their locks. Locking, unlocking and monitoring Kevo Locks has been possible using iOS devices from any part of your home or anywhere else around the world.

Kwikset Kevo Plus Product Description

Kwikset Kevo ModelsThe gateway which Bluetooth enabled and Kevo’s remote services enable monitoring and control of your locks from outside the house. A single Kevo Plus Gateway can be linked to more than one Kevo smart lock inside the house. The Kevo plus also uses a cloud which runs from the company’s cloud making it possible for uses to have access from any part of the world.

All one needs to have before getting the upgrade is a device that can connect effectively to the internet, good internet service and having your device well charged. You must also have a Kevo smart lock already installed in your premises.

Unlocking remote access using Key Plus only takes a few steps. Simply go to mykevo.com, log in and click on upgrade account. There are no monthly or annual charges but one will have to pay a one off charge. Next, the company will have the gateway delivered. It comes with an antenna to screw on, an Ethernet cable and an adapter for connecting the device to the power.

The website portal helps you make an upgrade as well as control and monitor your locks. Alternatively, you can download the mobile app, Kevo and use it instead. This is much more convenient. The Kevo Plus is compatible with the Ipad air ipad mini and ipad touch 5G. If you have an iphone, you can connect to it easily through the iphone4S, 5,5c AND 5S.

Features of Kwikset Kevo Plus

KwiksetttBeing able to control your locks via the internet may raise a number of security questions. For this reason, multiple encryptions have been established to enhance security. Additionally, security experts are also regularly reviewing the product to ensure that it is secure.

The mobile application as well as the gateway will receive updates to ensure that it is secure and effective. Some of the updates may be automatic to save you from having to think too much about it.

For you to use the Bluetooth gateway more effectively inside the house, you have to be within the lock’s range. Within your house, you can improve your ability to access the kevo Plus gateway by strategically positioning your HUB so that the distance between your kevo Smart Lock and Kevo Plus Gateway is not big. Put the gateway in an open area if possible without any stone wall between it and the Kevo Smart Lock.


This service is quite straight forward especially if you have been using the Kwikset smart lock. It also comes in handy when you have a lot to carry in the house and choose to unlock the doors while you are still in the driveway. It also saves you from having to get out of bed and check whether or not the doors are locked.

Installing the gateway is easy. All you have to do is plug it to an Ethernet -connected internet router. This gives a wireless connection between the gateway and Kevo locks. Screw the antenna in and connect the gateway to the AC power to keep it charged.

One can also create temporary keys for their guests at no extra costs. However, only the main key can unlock or unlock the doors remotely. You can let someone into your home to check up on something or water the plants while you are away. This is great especially in an emergency. Being able to monitor who enters and leaves your house gives you more peace of mind compared to leaving your key under the mat.

You can also have home service providers such as the house keeper or have a delivery made to your house remotely. This saves you the hustle of having to come back to the house every now and then.


The Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock is a very reliable lock and the upgrade also makes it better. It is convenient, easy to use and affordable too. With the security being assured to be in tip top shape, both online and for the mechanical bit, makes this one of the best inventions yet. If you are looking for convenience, safety and peace of mind when it comes to your home’s security, then this is a great product for you.

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When You Should Change Your Locks

changing vs rekeyingA locksmith is one of the most critical components of any given home’s security strategy. After all, a locked door is often the first line of defense of any given home, and the abilities of one’s locksmith will determine the level of safety and security they will enjoy in the long run.
South Glenn Locksmith

+When You Should Change your Locks

changing lock1Changing one’s locks isn’t the sort of activity anyone wants to make a habit, not only because of the expense the activity can sometimes attract but the inconvenience involved. However, there are cases where this prospect is simply unavoidable, situations that tend to necessitate the changing of one’s locks, the most prominent of which include the following:

-Losing your keys

This is the primary factor that drives people to change their locks. A surprising number of individuals lose their keys every year, and when this happens, one has no other choice but to change their locks. It doesn’t really matter if they are eventually returned to you. Once you lose sight of your keys and you are unable to account for their whereabouts for any notable amount of time, it is important that you change the locks, lest someone take advantage of your loss to gain access to your home.

If you are prone to losing your keys, consider investing in a keyless entry system.

-Worn Locks

worn door lockLocks do not last forever. Eventually, they begin to wear out and rust, transforming into a serious weakness for your home’s security. Keep in mind the fact that old locks are much easier to pick and break. Keep an eye out for any visible signs of wear such as rust and tarnish. More often than not, you can tell that your locks need immediate replacement when they become increasingly difficult to open with your keys.


When you become the victim of a break-in or an attempted break-in, it would be within your best interests to change your locks. For one thing, the force used to break into your home is bound to have compromised the integrity of your lock’s components.

More importantly, once someone successfully breaks into your home, they tend to gain vital insider knowledge into the workings of your security and the weaknesses of your locks. As such, you are encouraged to reinvigorate your security by changing your locks.

A break in should compel you to scrutinize any security arrangements you have and to close any weaknesses you encounter.


When you move into a new home, it is only rational for you to undertake the expense of changing your locks. The chances are quite high that the former occupant still has the keys to your new home. As such, rather than taking chances with your security, you are better off changing every lock in your new home.

This same level of prudence is encouraged anytime you change roommates. If someone moves out of your house or apartment, especially under hostile circumstances, the only way you can ensure that access to your home remains restricted is by changing your locks.

Individuals that have experienced divorces or separations rarely take this issue into account. It doesn’t really matter how civilized your separation might have been. If you want to avoid misunderstandings, you need to change your locks. Even if your former partner isn’t the sort of person to misuse their access to your home, there is no telling who will have access to their keys once the two of you separate. Do not take chances.

-Spare keys

This goes without saying; any time you give out your spare keys, especially to repairmen, service persons and the like, and you do not receive them back, it is imperative that you change the locks to your home. You can never be too sure about who might try accessing your home.

On a whole, any individual with property of any notable value is encouraged to change their locks every few years. You do not have to experience one of the situations above in order to change your locks.

Like any security mechanism, locks do not merely wear and tear over time. They can also grow obsolete. More importantly, technology is constantly changing. The only way to stay ahead of all those nefarious minds working to develop even more effective methods of infiltrating your home is to change your locks on a regular basis. Consult a professional locksmith where necessary. Make an effort to remain abreast of technological trends when it comes to your locks.

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