The Perks OF Hiring A Car Locksmith

Car Locksmith1Locksmith services are some of the almost inevitable expenses car owners will incur from time to time. Cars comprise lock and key systems which are prone to breaking down even with the top care and handling. There are many car locksmiths in the market and finding one should not be an overwhelming task. However, not every locksmith you run into will be capable of satisfying your unique needs. It is therefore very important to keenly review any offer you get before spending your money. Otherwise, you risk landing cheap quality services from non-professionals. This is why hiring professional car locksmith is often recommendable. Here are some of The Perks OF Hiring A Car Locksmith thanks to our friends at

locksmithh• You get accountability and service guarantee - Unlike unprofessional locksmiths, credible licensed car locksmiths will depict accountability and offer service guarantees. Professional locksmiths thrive on reputation and referrals made by satisfied customers. They therefore strive to meet client needs and provide the best services. They also have provisions to meet all client needs even if it means redoing the work. They are only paid once they finish and meet all your requirements to the agreed quality standard. If you choose services from a friend or acquaintance, there is no guarantee that they will repair or install your locks as desired or to the required standard. They are also less accountable for damages and low quality outcomes.

• Expert experienced services - This is one of the obvious perks of hiring a car locksmith. With professionals, you will land skilled technicians who have profound experience in the field and are best suited to handle your requirements. Going for other alternatives will lead you to people who seldom deal with car locksmith services which can result in poor quality services. When you hire professionals, you are bidding your money on ultimate experience and standard quality service.

• The right tools and components - Although some car lock problems are easy to diagnose and repair, solving the issue is virtually impossible without the necessary tools and equipment. This is another crystal reason for hiring locksmiths. Repairing and installing car lock systems is their main area of specialization and they invest in buying equipment and tools for their work. They probably have every tool required to handle any car locksmith assignment. Obviously, using the appropriate tools make the job easier and output better.

• No risk involved - Using non-professionals exposes you and them to various risks that range from injuries and accidents to poor quality outcome that may lead to other risks. For instance, if the lock is not properly installed, it may have vulnerabilities that allow others to get into your car and steal items or even the vehicle. On the other hand, hiring a car locksmith gives you the surety of top level service and eliminates such risks. Their experience also reduces the probability of injuries and negligence. Non-professionals may forget something and immediately conceal it if everything seems to be working alright.

• Insurance – Close to service quality guarantees is the issue of insurance. Most professional car locksmiths insure their businesses and have various covers that protect your car and damages. If any unfortunate thing happens when they are handling your car, the covers will overlap to pay for damages. Moreover, they are credible and licensed which ties them to meeting customer needs to satisfaction.

• Professional insights – This is a straightforward advantage of using professionals in any field. An experienced car locksmith will offer advice, insights and recommendations which do not only help you get the best locking systems but also leave you more educated and informed about car locks.

There are many other minor perks of hiring a car locksmith ranging from flexibility to customer service. Any other locksmith may not find time to redo the service if something goes wrong a few hours later.

Car locksmith services are very delicate since they deal with the security of your vehicle. Using hired professionals gives you the assurance of quality service and safe locking systems. If you use non-professionals, you have no guarantees that the repair or installation will enhance your car’s security. In fact, it may provide loopholes for car burglars and robbers. Nonetheless, you must ensure the professionals or locksmith businesses you choose are credible and licensed to offer such services within the area.

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The Best Arrow Locks

Arrow logoArrow locks often feature in reviews for many good reasons which make them the preference among homeowners. This is probably because of professional grade engineering that ensures durability and security. Arrow offers a number of locks and accessories to suit different purposes but like anything else under the sun, some locks by arrow are better than others. It is for this reason that we highlight the three best arrow locks as a guide for anyone looking:

E series deadbolt E61

Arrow E SeriesThis is an exceptional lock that comes in two piece housing, ¼ inch thru-bolts and concealed mounting crews. Its outer ring has a spinning feature that prevents wrenching and its bright-brass construction makes it blend well with surroundings. The lock is supplied with two strikes for steel or wood frame and thankfully all its functions are reversible. The lock comes with two brass keys.

Arrow revolution standalone override deadbolt

If you are looking for something more superior, choose the revolution standalone by Arrow, a lock that has gained popularity for advanced security features. It is a touchscreen access locking device which understands English, French and Spanish. The lock is easy to install and use allowing owners to assign a maximum of 25 users with digital keys and delete them as need arises. The revolution by Arrow is available in Satin Nickel, Oil rubbed bronze and polished brass finishes to blend well with your décor.

Arrow D1 single cylinder extra heavy duty

Arrow D SeriesArrow Lock and Door Hardware certainly outdid themselves with this lock that guarantees optimum security. Its best feature is the free spinning outer ring that prevents wrenching but there is more to this incredible lock. It is a single cylinder deadbolt that comes in two piece housing. All its functions are reversible, making it the ideal choice for people using this brand for the first time.

The Arrow advantage

It is great to buy your locks from a company that has been at it for years, gradually advancing their technology to improve, function and guarantee durability. Arrow Locks and Door Hardware has a variety of locks to choose from which would suit different customer preferences. The secret to finding the best arrow locks is to read widely about each type’s features and see if they match your needs. If so, go ahead and buy trusting that you are getting a lock from a company whose priority is keeping you safe.

Choosing the right lock

Arrow H SeriesYour home is full of valuables that you cannot simply keep an eye on all the time but you can take matters into your own hands by getting the right lock. If you do not know how to choose the best lock from your favorite manufacturer, ask a trusted locksmith in your area for help. It helps to have a professional help you as they understand locks well enough to know which one is ideal for the best security of your property. It is also wise to define how much you wish to spend on a lock as the price differ for many reasons including the manufacturer, features and type of lock.

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Does Your Car Key Have A Twin?

car key twinsNobody would intentionally leave their car unlocked out in the streets, at the parking lot, or even in their very own driveway and garage. Many have come to realize the importance of a state of the art lock set for superior security, and greatly rely on it for their peace of mind. However, the thought of a car key having a twin does not even cross the minds of most people. This may sound like it belong to the typical “What if’s?” that are mostly merely thoughts to ponder on, but is actually very true at this point in time. To answer the question, “Does Your Car Key Have A Twin?” we dig deeper into facts and reality. Special thanks to the guys at Fountain Hills Locksmith Pros for all the useful information.

Twin Car Keys Discovery

Twin Car KeyHave you heard about the news on twin keys apparently lying in just one household? A mother discovered it soon after her son grabbed the wrong car keys, and was surprisingly able to unlock the car. The family had two cars that were of the same brand, bought two years apart, and got from different dealerships, namely, the Honda Odyssey and Honda Accord models.

This would make you stop and think, just how safe is your car out there? Or a more important question should be, how safe would you be while sitting inside your car? Imagine someone else, a stranger or thief, who may have the exact same key and effortlessly turn it without any tinkering and fidgeting to do? The odds are indeed quite low, and may even sound weird or unusual. Some do not even consider the chances and likelihood of this happening to them. But it does. Sad to say, there are a number of car owners who learned it the hard way after items have been stolen or the car itself is long gone.

The Truth Behind Twin Car Keys

honda keysStatistics reveal that renowned brands like Honda, Ford, and Toyota have a maximum of around 3500 distinctive combinations. It’s evident that sooner or later, the earlier combinations are bound to be utilized and eventually, someone will have the same key as yours in the palm of their hand. This is how twin car keys are born. So what now?

Analyzing further, it truly isn’t supposed to be immediately alarming. What could be the possibility that there are thieves roaming around under broad daylight, with a bunch of car keys attempting to find its perfect match? Opening the door does not necessarily mean the engine can be started and a car can easily be stolen just like that. Especially if you have opted for top security with contemporary locks and a trusted locksmith to perform expert installation, then worries can be shoved aside.

Implementing a higher grade lock such as deadbolts can enhance security. These are unique combinations that are different from what car manufacturers make use of, and it’s almost certain that getting a similar key is unlikely and you get to have peace of mind you deserve. When the question arises once more, “Does Your Car Key Have A Twin?” then it wouldn’t matter for you know at the back of your mind that you and your car are protected.

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Control Home Locks With Your Smart Phone – The Door Just Got Smarter


kwikset iphoneIf you have always been the type of consumer who loves technology and technological advances, you probably wondered why lock manufacturers hadn’t yet come up with the idea to allow home and business owners the option to control their locks with their smartphones. Today not only is this a reality, it is an option which more and more people are turning to. Why? For starters, it is more secure than traditional deadbolt locks. In addition to this, it gives you convenience to control locks from anywhere, allows you to lock and unlock your doors from your fingertips before you ever reach the door, and gives you the added convenience of knowing your doors are locked, and your home (or business) are protected, even if you forget to lock them with the key before leaving for the day. So, what should you look for when choosing home locks which can be controlled by a smartphone? These are a few key features to look for, thanks to the guys at

1. Compatibility with smart phones -

Goji Smart Lock1What good is owning a lock which can be controlled by a smartphone if it isn’t compatible with your phone? Rather than choose those locks which can only work with the iPhone, or specific model Android phone, look for locks which can be universally controlled by any phone, as long as it is a smartphone. Not only is it more convenient, it gives you far more options of locks to choose from, which in turn helps reduce prices you will pay for these smart control locks.

2. Unlimited control -

When choosing a lock, look for those which allow you to give unlimited access to as many (or as few people as you choose). Further, look for those locks which allow you to set time limits on the duration of that control. For example, if you have your parents visiting for one week, make sure you make the locks controllable by them for that time period, and no longer. The same goes with a significant other, friend, or others you want to allow to have access to your home. Many locks have this feature, and allow you to set the amount of time for which you give a certain individual control to lock and unlock the door while they are visiting.

3. Bluetooth compatibility -

lockitron appMany newer locks today don’t even require you to take your phone out of your pocket or purse to unlock the doors. In fact, with low energy Bluetooth connectivity, as long as you are within the set range distance, the doors will automatically open as you approach them. So, no need to fumble for your keys (or phone for that matter), especially if you are carrying several items and want quick access and entry into the home.

4. Backup system -

It is important to remember technology does fail from time to time, even though we want to believe it is perfect. Look for a control lock system which has built in backup options (such as allowing you to use the key to lock and unlock or to reset codes for access) when choosing a home lock you can control with your smartphone. Not only does this maintain the high level of precision and the convenience you seek allowing you to open and close the doors with a phone, it also gives you the ability to fix errors if they ever do occur.

Although these are not the only features you will find in new control locks which work via your smartphone today, they are a few of the more important features for you to consider when choosing a lock to place on your home’s door. Not only do you want the most technologically advanced model out there, but also the one which is going to function as it should, when you need it to work most. And, for those who want something that looks good as well, there are many models which come in brushed finishes, copper, stainless steel, or even gold exteriors for you to choose from. With new technologies available on a daily basis, and with more and more lock manufacturers entering this control lock market, the options are endless, as are the price points for these technologically advanced door locks homeowners can purchase today.

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Can All Locks Be Rekeyed?

Rekeying a lockkLosing your keys should not cause you sleepless nights. You can easily rekey your lost keys. You can also rekey your locks when you are moving to a new house. It is simple and will only take a few minutes to do. However, it is vital to look for a professional to do the rekeying for you. A professional will also know the right match of pins to use. As such, it will guarantee you the security that you and your family require. Can all locks be rekeyed? This depends on the type of lock, but a good number of them can be rekeyed. You can have all the locks of your house rekeyed. This method will increase security.

Rekeying involves replacing the internal pins of your locks with new ones. Rekeying is not the same as replacing the keys. Replacing the keys will take a lot of time. Replacing needs the locksmith to change the keys to all your doors. It is efficient because you do not have to get a new set of keys. It is a convenient way to keep burglars at bay. In case you are wondering what you get to benefit from changing the keys to your doors locks, here are numerous benefits that come with rekeying you locks.


ConvenienceRekeying the locks of your business or home is the best option if you do not want to carry several keys. Technology has made it easy such that you can use one key for all your locks at home. This means that you will only have one key, and you do not have to have the stress of figuring out which key opens which door. It is just one key for all the rooms in your house. No more carrying a whole bunch of keys for all the rooms in your home and business. Convenience is what you get nothing more.


You will be in a better position to increase the safety of your home. It will be a lot easier to know who has access to your home or business. Buying a new home means that there were some other tenants before you. Rekeying will give your home the security that you require. You will be rest assured that they cannot get access to your home. As a result, you will be able to sleep soundly at night. It is all you need to keep watch of your home when you are away. You do not need to spend a lot of money on expensive security methods.

Lower Cost

Low costYou will reduce the cost of rekeying your locks. This is especially true when you need to have multiple locks rekeyed. It will be a lot cheaper to rekey your locks than replacing the whole lock. It will be cheaper, and your security will be increased. You can even travel without having to worry about burglars breaking into your home. All you need is just get an expert who knows what they are supposed to do. In short, it is an economical way to keep your home secure. You will get a lot of benefit in the long run because of using this means to secure your home.

It is fast

The process of rekeying is faster and will be complete even before you know it. This means that you can have many locks replaced within a shorter time frame. Rekeying is one of the quickest ways to secure your home. You can use rekeying when you need to beef up the security in a short time. You do not have to worry about the keys getting accessed to by people you do not know. Furthermore, you will save a lot of time and money using rekeying for your business and home.

The next time you want rekeying done make sure you get a professional to do the job. They are experts in rekeying and will ensure that the keys work properly. Furthermore, they will give you expert advice n the best internal pins that you can use in the market. If you are still asking the question can all locks be rekeyed? Then you have your answer. In fact, you can have it done at affordable costs. All you have to do is ensure that you get professional help. Everything else will fall into place leaving you with doors that cannot be will easily by strangers. It is a guarantee to protecting your family.

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Why Renters Should Change Their Locks

changing lock2Any time a renter gets a new tenant there are measures that should be put in place. They are required for a variety of factors including safety and security of the property, the new residents and their possessions among other factors. Steps to facilitate this include among others changing the locks. Security is the main reason why renters should change their locks when new people move in. Thanks to the guys over at, among the key benefits for this move includes;

Safety of the new tenants

No one can feel safe when thinking there could be someone gaining access to their privacy. By changing the locks, the new occupants get an assurance there are no chances of un-authorized access that is a factor that guarantees their safety and that of their property.

Safety of the property

There are varying reasons why the previous occupants left. Reasons such as misunderstanding with the client moving out can attract the wrath from such. This may entail among others gaining access to the property and vandalizing. To reduce chances of such an occurrence, it is important to change the locks. This will ensure that such a person has limited options of access even when they retain the key to the previous locks.

Embracing technological developments

smart locks1Technology is changing by every minute. Among the key features in technological developments is improvement of security measures. This has led to development of new locks that are more advances and responsive to any threats through alarms and other forms of warnings. Changing the locks provides an opportunity to meet with vendors and other service providers who will advice on the lock products most appropriate for the new tenants.

Reducing chances of un-authorized access

Tenants are known to make multiple copies of keys to serve the members of their household and as well keep safe in the event one set is lost. When moving out, it is practically impossible to ascertain if all of the copies made are retained. In such way, members of the tenant’s family may retain keys that may be used to gain access to the property with a sinister motive. Ensuring there is a new lock in place is the only way to ensure such copies are rendered useless and cannot be used.

As a way to renovate the existing lock processes

changing lock3After being in use for a considerable period, the existing locks get worn-out and hence likelihood to fail with time. Changing the locks while there are tenants within the property is likely to interfere with their private lives as the systems are checked among other renovation practices. Changing the locks provides with an opportunity to unearth any impending problems with the lock system and have them addressed accordingly.

Majority of renters do not consider changing locks when the old tenants move out. This not only exposes the new tenants to unauthorized access of their privacy but as well for their property. There are many reasons why renters should change their locks when new people move in. while these might vary between persons and locations the key factor is security and safety of the renter’s property and privacy of the new tenants.

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What Is Proper Pricing For Rekeying Services?

rekeying locksVarious instances in your life may call for change of your locks. You may have to move to some new places for establishing your business or you may have a situation with your broken lock or lost keys. All those above situations leave you with only two alternatives of either replacing or rekeying your lock. You will always find the second option as the most viable option of the two most of the time as it is going to cost you less though you may have to go through the first option also at times. Rekeying is always a security improvised, cost effective and easy option which can be done without wasting most of your valuable time. It is true that rekeying is a lot cheaper than replacing a lock but it is essential to know “what is proper pricing for rekeying services?”
Staten Island Locksmith


Rekeying costs based upon situations

Locked up car and home

Baldwin Old KeyThere are various factors basing on which the locksmiths are going to charge you. Normally the costs include a minimum charge. The locksmiths charge you a minimum fee when you call them to rescue you out of locked up situations in your home or in your car. The nominal fee can be between $35 and $150.

Odd timing and holidays

The cost includes various factors like the place you are call them to fix your lock, the time you are calling them and the type of lock that you wish to be rekeyed. The price of the lock rekeying goes beyond the normal minimum charges when you ask for the locksmith services on the holidays. The same criteria hold also with the evening time services and the time taken for the locksmiths to get you out of the situation.

You stay in a remote area

Sometimes hard work involved in drilling out the lock out of its base can add to your existing cost. If you are living in some sort of remote areas, the costs are going to be further added up.


Standard rekeying costs as charged by the locksmiths

Costs basing on the lock type

If you have installed a very standard key in your house, your locksmith is going to charge you between $1.5 and $4. The more your key is specialized one, the more is your locksmith is going to charge. Basing upon the specialty of the key, the locksmith is going to charge you between $3 and $20. The costs can go up to $50 to $150 when you have electronic locks in your car. These locks at times have transponder key that require reprogramming of the chip.

Costs on the house locks

Arrow deadboltGenerally people use locks with cylinder on their doors. During the process of rekeying the cylinder of the lock is replaced. The locksmith is going to charge separately for the rekeying adding to the cost of the cylinder of the lock. Generally the cost of the cylinder can cost you between $5 and $25. This cost comes in addition to the rekeying cost of your door lock. The rekeying cost in this case would be between $40 and $100.

Number of locks rekeyed

At times, people call their locksmith to rekey a number of locks at a time. The situation is created out of a long time delay because of the nature of procrastination of people. When people get locked upon in their home, they want their locks to be rekeyed. Along with that they want other locks in their homes to be rekeyed. During such times, the standard rates asked by the locksmiths can be between $40 and $100. In addition to that the locksmiths ask for labor charges per lock. The labor charge per lock fees can be between $20 and $30.


Additional costs that you can expect to pay to your locksmiths

Locksmiths have to pay a lot of fees to acquire license from the state. Apart from that the professionals need to qualify standard test to be locksmiths. Adding to that any licensed locksmith is fully insured of its services. Since the professionals pay a lot of fees during their course of becoming locksmiths, they charge some extra fees for being the legitimate service provider.

Getting the rekeying estimates over the phone

Sometimes getting the estimates of your rekeying over the phone can end you up in a situation of paying a hefty bill. This is because, you may be able to describe the lockout situation to your locksmith but you may not tell all the rekeying needs. Sometimes, you may not know whether there is need for drilling out the lock or not. You may not know whether there are any old locks to be replaced or not. This is where you end up paying extra which you might not have calculated.


Can you make the rekeying costs affordable for you?

There are many ways you can really take control of the additional costs that you end up paying your locksmith. This requires you to have additional knowledge about the hardware used in the whole rekeying process.

Knowing the cost of the hardware used in the rekeying operation

Your locksmith tells you the costs of the hardware being uses to rekey your lock. It is better to ask your locksmith the cost of the concerned hardware. It is right time to call any local store to get confirmation about the fee. It is rather better to get a quote from the local hardware store to show that to your locksmith. In this way you can save a lot of costs that would have paid to your locksmith.

You can shop the cylinder or any other hardware required of your own

First of all you need to check the type of lock that you have in your house. Before buying a cylinder for you lock you can check the model of your lock. This helps you in buying the required hardware from the local shop. You can get confirmation from the locksmith whether the hardware that you are going to purchase is right or not.

Prior knowledge on the costs can save you from paying additional money to your locksmith. Apart from that it can help you to deal with your local locksmith pretty well.

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What Is A Master Key And Do I Need One?

master key3Have you ever wondered how the janitor accesses all offices with only one key? Or does your landlord access all flats with only one key? Well they use the master key for that. A master key is a key that operates a lock or a group of locks. A Master key system is suitable in areas where there is restriction to a group of locks. The master keying system can be very complex where they involve multiple master, grand master and sub-master keys. There are different master keys depending on which locks and the level of access that is required. Read on to know these types of master keys and how they work and why you should get yourself a master key. Special thanks to the guys at for all the helpful information.

Designs of the master key

The type of lock will be the one to determine the type of master key that will be used in every situation. Each type of lock has a unique feature that will use a different type of master key system which can be by either components to the master key or modification of the master key. The following are some of the master keys systems that are available:

2 level system

This is the simplest master key system and it has only two levels of keying. Each one operates in a single lock or locks that are alike. The key is called a master key which is considered the lowest level of master keying system. When the master key is being designed they are given two letters which start at the beginning of the alphabet for instance it can be given “AA”. When master key is used as a change key there are numbers that should be added to the alphabet. In the 2 level master keying system the number comes first before the letter. The letters and numbers will be used as the key symbols.

3 level master keying system

master key system1It is a 3 level key system which involves more than 2 level systems that are tied together under the grand master key. In a 3 level master key system there are only given one letter to help identify the key combination that is correct for a certain door or a group of doors.

4 level system

This master keying system ties two or three 3 level master keys under one key. This key is called the great grand master key. This mainly is suitable for the large business and the movement in the building should be considered when choosing the great grand master key. The key symbol for the grand master key is letter A. Letter A is preferred since it cannot be confused for other letters and numbers and only a single letter is used. In buildings that have more grand master keys that are being used it is advised to use a rotation number between the letters of the keys symbols. This will help in the identification of the grand master key.

Why you need to have a master key

commercial doorsIf you want a higher level of security you can choose a master key that uses a cylinder system. This will enable the use of the change keys and you can also use the master key for the same lock. This is mainly beneficial in business organization where the workers can use their change keys for their own locks while the manager can use a master key for maintenance purposes since he or she can access all locks. This helps in monitoring of your space efficiently and accurately. The master key will also help to ensure that accessing of some of the areas is restricted this will help reduce the number of keys that need to be distributed to the employees which will help improve security of the business by minimizing potential theft.

Master keys do not have an extra price for them. The vendor of the master key will only charge the set up fee and the other charge you will pay the same price you would have when using the standard keying system.

A master key can help you access an area in case of emergency situations. For instance when there is a fire outbreak in a building and there people trapped inside.

Master key helps you to maintain a record on the number of keys that are in possession with other people.

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Ways To Prevent Getting Locked Out Of Your House

locked outGetting locked out of your house is the worst experience any of us can ever have. This is because of the stress and frustration that comes with being locked out. Your day can practically be ruined if you find yourself locked out. Staying out in the cold or heat are just some of the challenges that come with being locked out.

Being locked out of the house doesn’t mean that you are careless or forgetful. This is something that happens even to the best of us. The solution is to set up preventative measures that will ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Here are ways to prevent getting locked out of the house:

Give a spare key to a trusted neighbor.

handing keysThis is one of the most traditional methods of preventing getting locked out of your home. Many people have successfully used this method as an alternative in case they lose their key. If you live near a trusted neighbor, you can give them one of your spare keys and in case you find yourself locked out, you can use the key to open your home. Be very careful when giving out your spare key and make sure you first build some trust with your neighbor. Otherwise you might find that you have given your key to burglars.

Have an extra key in your bag.

Apart from the keys you use to open your house every day, it is always advisable to have an extra key hidden somewhere inside the bag that you often carry. Identify the bag that you carry every day to work and make sure that you put a key that will permanently stay there. You can now have the normal key you use every day but avoid using the spare key in your bag. The spare key in your bag will come in handy during the time when you will have lost your keys.

Stash a key somewhere in the compound.

Rock hide a keyThis is a tricky one but it still remains a very effective way of preventing house lock out. To make this work, avoid stashing your key in an area that is most susceptible by burglars. The most susceptible areas include; under floor mats, on the mail box and other areas of the home where burglars can easily identify your keys. Try and identify a specific area of your home where no one can suspect and put your spare key there. This will keep your key safe to use in the time of need and still keep away burglars.

Use backup ways of opening your home.

Apart from using keys to access your home, there are many ways of opening your home using the modern technology. For instance, there are modern applications that can be used today to help you gain access to your home even without physically using keys to open your home. For people with smart phones, you can talk with your technology service provider on the various ways you can use smart phones to open your home. This will be an easier way of opening your home on days when you can’t find your keys.

Develop a habit of keeping your keys safe.

If you develop a routine of keeping your keys safe, you will be less likely to forget them or misplace them. A routine creates a habit and it is important to create a unique one that will ensure that you do not lose your keys. For instance, to make sure that you do not misplace your keys, you can select a specific place where you will always keep your keys. To make sure that you do not forget your keys at work, check your bag before leaving work and you will realize that you no longer forget your keys at work.

These are just some of the ways you can use to prevent looking yourself out. You can use any method that you find appropriate for you and you will avoid those instances when you find yourself in trouble and unable to access your house. It is better to prevent locking yourself out rather than waiting to break in when the damage is already done. Whatever method you use it is important to make sure that it does not compromise the security of your home.

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The Process Of Rekeying A Car Door Lock

Rekeying Car DoorRekeying car door locks might seem very intimidating and especially with today’s complicated anti-theft device. For this reason, most car owners leave it to be done by locksmiths. However, what most people don’t know is that with the right tools and a little patience, re-keying car door locks is not as hard. You will usually want to rekey the door locks because of a car break-in or theft. You might also wish to rekey the lock if you lose the keys or if you suspect another person has a copy of the key. To rekey your car door locks, follow the simple steps bought to us by the guys at Cherry Hills Village Locksmith, outlined in this article.

How does car rekeying work?

rekeying your locksThe process of rekeying involves modifying the tumblers of your lock in order that your old keys won’t work on the locking mechanism anymore, or even in yet another situation it can change the lock to enable a single key to work inside several locks. Car door lock rekeying involves replacing the lock pins found in your current lock or changing the wafer or tumbler setting so that you are able to unlock the car with a new set of keys. Once you rekey your lock, the old keys will no longer function.

Things you will need.

· Re-keying kit.

· Set of lock pins.

· Cylinder follower.

· Ring remover.

· Plug follower.

· Screwdriver.

· Needle-nosed pliers or tweezers.

STEP 1: Purchase a rekeying kit.

To get started, buy a rekeying kit but only from a reputable seller. Make sure the kit contains all the necessary tools that will be needed for this job as listed above. Note that you can also buy this kit online. When looking for this kit, you ought to identify the model or brand of your current lock. Buy a kit depending on the components of your car door lock. Certain locks use pins while others have more sophisticated components.

STEP 2: Remove the lock from your car.

The exact method you will use depends on your vehicle. You may require special equipment for this task.

STEP 3: Remove the doorknob and cylinder.

The doorknob or lock face is held tightly in place by a single clip. To reach the clip, you should insert a wire or pin into a tiny opening to give you access to the interior of the lock. Use the cylinder follower (a small brass pipe) to remove the lock cylinder. To successfully remove the cylinder, remove the sleeve and then push the lock cylinder from the entire assembly. Once the sleeve has been removed, the cylinder can be accessed with a lot of ease.

STEP 4: Remove cylinder ring retainer and plug.

Use the ring remover to access and remove the cylinder ring retainer. Store the retainer safely in a place where you can retrieve it later. To successfully remove the cylinder plug, use the lock’s key. Insert this key to the lock then turn it as if unlocking the door. By turning the key, you will be separating the upper and lower lock pins. When this happens, use your plug follower to get rid the plug all this while exerting pressure onto the cylinder. The pressure will keep the upper pins well in position as you hold up the springs supporting them. Once you do this, you should be able to get rid the plug with the pins still in their position.

STEP 5: Remove lower lock pins.

Since you have safely secured the upper pins, you can go ahead and remove lower pins. The lower pins have pointed ends which usually lie on the door key. In addition, these pins come in varying lengths and their total number can also vary. They are very easy to remove, so there’s nothing worth worrying about. After you have removed all pins, unplug the key.

STEP 6: Insert your new lock key and pins.

Insert your new lock key onto the cylinder. At this point, the new key pushes the existing pins and springs off the way. This is because the pins must touch the current lock key, so that you know where and how far the new lock pins will be placed. When placing these pins, ensure that the pointed or sharp sides touch on the key. The new pins come in varying lengths and colours to help you know where each pin will be placed on the lock. If you are rekeying more than one lock, ensure you arrange the pins in a similar order in every lock so that you can use the same key for all of them.


STEP 7: Test the New Key.

car keyOnce the key is cut, ensure that all your tumblers are perfectly flush with the outer edge of the tumbler-plug. Reassemble the door lock mechanism carefully after which you can go ahead and try the new key. With any luck the new key will operate perfectly and your car door lock will have been re-keyed successfully. You can now take the new key to an hardware store and have several copies. In case the key fails to work, remove the door lock and recut a new key.

Other useful tips when rekeying the car door lock keys.

· It’s advisable to lightly lubricate the lock after replacing the pins.

· To prevent losing upper pins and springs, work over a high contrast surface or over a dish or bowl that can catch the lock components when they fall out.

· Remember that after rekeying the locks, the old keys will be useless and should be discarded so that you don’t confuse them with the new keys.

· Ensure that the door lock is fixed properly to prevent future complications with the lock system.

No matter the reason why you need the car lock system changed, rekeying is in most times the best solution. This is because rekeying ensures you have the convenience and security you need at a less costly price compared to replacing a lock. What’s more rekeying is an easy procedure that takes a very short time to complete. Well, it takes a burglar just a few minutes to get a bump key or an exact copy of your car door key so in case you lose your key or suspect that the lock system has been compromised, follow the easy steps discussed above to rekey the door lock.

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