Learn About Keyless Entry for Your Home

In this article, you will learn about keyless entry for your home whether you are considering installation of the system, or you already have one.


What Is Keyless Entry?

kwikset keyless1Keyless entry for home doors uses the same technology as keyless car doors and garage door openers. The lock features AA batteries that are used to power the locking/unlocking functions of the door. With the system, you don’t need traditional keys to lock/unlock the door. Instead, you use a card, combination, or biometrics to perform the functions. The deadbolt system has no lever to turn.
The most common keyless entry systems have numbered push-buttons that unlock the door using a preset code. The lock function features a single button that sports a lock symbol. Most units have been designed to lock automatically in case you forget to push the lock button. To make the work easy for you, the locks are fitted with back-lit keypads so that you can see the buttons even at night.
A keyless entry lock can either be single-sided or double-sided. Whereas a double-sided lock requires authorization for entry and exit, a single-sided one only requires authorization for entry.

Types of Keyless Locks

There are many types of keyless entry for a home. They are discussed below.

Keypads: they are the oldest type of keyless lock technology. They contain buttons that enable you to enter a combination as a security code. Only the right combination is granted access into the home. Some units lock completely when there are many consecutively wrong combinations.
Remote operated locks: these locks are opened by a remote gadget; much like car or garage door remotes. They are designed to be sensitive only within small distance from the door so that your door does not open accidentally while you are far away.
Biometric locks: they use handprint or fingerprint to identify a person. They neither require you to remember a combination nor walk around with any gadget. They can be programmed to grant access to many people who reside in the house.
Card/tag locks: card or tag locks are very popular in hotel rooms. Instead of a traditional key, the lock uses a specially designed card or tag that is swiped to open the door. The same technology has been adapted in some residential homes.
smart lock1Smart locks: these are locks that are controlled using smart phone technology. With specially designed applications, the phone can communicate with the lock using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or any other communication mode.

Advantages of Keyless Locks

Compared to traditional locks, keyless entry systems have many advantages. Some of them are explained below.

# You cannot lock yourself out of the house. The only risky possibility is that you might forget your combination before you memorize it perfectly.
# You don’t need a spare key that can easily fall in the wrong hands.
# Most keyless entry locks install easily on standard doors. It takes a few minutes and a screw driver only to install one.
# For a lock that uses a code, you can program it to accept some codes for temporary access (such as contractors) and then delete them soon.
# The house is safer because the locks are harder to hack.
# Children will not have to carry keys around, and that eliminates the chances of your home keys getting lost or falling in the hands of thieves.

Disadvantages of keyless locks

Great as they may be, keyless entry locks have their fair share of disadvantages.
#They are relatively expensive compared to traditional locks. However, the prices have been on a consistent decline over the past few years as manufacturers enjoy economies of scale due to increasing demand.
# They are not entirely safe because an intruder can take time and effort to hack the system. It is extremely hard but not entirely impossible.
# Keyless locks can also lock you out if you forget the required combination. That makes them inappropriate for people with memory-related problems.

Installation of Keyless Entry

Keyless entry4As mentioned already, most keyless lock systems are very easy to install, and you can do the installation yourself. Make sure you refer to the manufacturer’s guide for proper installation so that you don’t compromise your security.
However, your best alternative for installation is to call a locksmith. Synchronizing the lock with the rest of your security system is better left to the experts.

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