Does It Make Sense To Have Two Locks On A Door?

2 locksSecurity is one of the most vital concerns for all human beings. No one likes intruders and as such, we try as much as we can to keep ourselves and possessions safe from burglars and this is why houses are built and fitted with lockable doors. You want to ensure that no burglar enters your home at any one time and that your safety and the safety of your family is not compromised.

People often install double locks on their doors with the intention of keeping their homes more secure especially as most burglaries take place during the day. One is required by building codes and insurance companies to have a double lock on every door that has direct access outside the building. Naturally, we believe that these security measures keep us safe. But does it make sense to have two locks on the door?
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Added Security

home security1Yes and yes. It makes sense to have double locks especially if you live in a high or moderate- crime area. Many burglars break into houses either through the door or the window. Now assuming that your windows are locked and not easily accessible, the burglar will likely make a forced entry through the door. Having double locks gives added security as it takes more time to pick or break two locks hence giving your more time advantage. However, if you have double locks on your door, it actually makes more sense to keep your windows closed and secure as well.

Install High Quality Brands

The added security that you will get from installing two locks will only depend on the quality of the locks used and how properly they have been installed. Most burglars are not as sophisticated as portrayed in the movies and know that it is not quite as easy to pick sophisticated locks. The chances of a burglar forcing entry into your house will reduce significantly if your doors are fitted with high quality locks. These deadbolts are usually made of hardened steel and depending on the class used and how well they are fitted; they can make it very difficult for the average burglar to get into your house.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Most insurance providers require homeowners to install double locks. In case your home is broken into and your property is stolen by a burglar, the insurance company is more likely to compensate you if they verify that you had gone the extra mile to secure your home. You also get to pay relatively lower premiums.

Although people often complain that double locks are more problematic than they are convenient, it is worthwhile to install them as they represent a higher level of protection than standard single locks do.

Fire Risks can be mitigated

The fire safety risks can be mitigated by installing single-bolt locks that only require a key to lock from outside but can be locked and unlocked automatically from the inside using a twist doorknob. While you may run the occasional risk of locking yourself outside, installing such locks in all exit doors gives more security to your home and also allows you to exit the building easily in case of fire or any other emergencies.

There are different types of double locks that work best for different people. If there are small windows within the doors that can be broken into or loopholes that make single-bolt double locks ineffective, it will be more advisable to use double-bolt locks. If the double-bolt system is undesirable, replacing and getting one that is designed with security features such as reinforced glass will be the best option. This will definitely deter or stall a burglar from easily getting into your house.

Always Use a Licensed Professional Locksmith

locksmith3Finally, find a professional locksmith whenever you want to change your locks or even to replace your keys. Remember that you are giving a total stranger access to your home and trusting him with your security. There are many questionable locksmiths who may give you a substandard job or worse still make a copy of your keys and collaborate with burglars to steal from you.

It is important to do your research well before picking a locksmith to install those double locks. Ask around for recommendations from friends and family. You can also find professional locksmiths near you by checking the Better Business Bureau or Angie’s list. When it comes to your security, you cannot be too careful.

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