Why Are Kwikset Locks So Reliable?

Kwikset logo2Our home is a place of refuge and safety. That is why we do our best to keep it secure and safe from any unwelcome guests. One of the most common and the oldest form of home security is the lock. However, the Kwikset Locks take the lock security into a different level. Big thanks to the guys at Queen Creek Locksmith for all the helpful information.

So, what is different about Kwikset Locks? And, why is it reliable for security?

The Problem

Door locks have come a long way since they were invented. It’s a simple and cost-effective way of protecting your home from anyone who is not “authorized” to enter your home or a certain room. And yet, door locks are not foolproof.

Just like a cat and mouse chase, locksmith create a lock and some would-be thief would devise a way to counteract the security features of a lock. As a response, lock makers devise a new way of securing the locks from the newly developed techniques. One technique for disabling locks that is becoming more and more popular is what is called as Lock Bumping.

What Is Lock Bumping?

lock bumpingLock bumping is also known as key bumping. It’s a technique that uses a specially cut keys, or also known as bump keys. Now let’s discuss how a lock bumping works.

The first step is inserting the bump key to the door lock. Then, with a blunt item (like the butt of a screwdriver), you simply tap the bump key and simultaneously turning the key. You may have to do this a couple of times. There is a reason why this works.

Inside your door lock are pins and tumblers that need to be aligned so it will release the lock. When the lock bumping is done, the pins and tumbler moves for a fraction of a second. And, with the simultaneous turning of the key, the pins and the tumbler will eventually align, thus releasing the lock. This is just one technique, but it’s very popular.

The reason why lock bumping is popular is because it’s easy to do, and there are a lot tutorial videos on the web on how to do it. Most old locks are susceptible to lock bumping, but this what makes Kwikset Locks different.

Why Are Kwikset Locks So Reliable?

Kwikset ElectronicThe reason why Kwikset Locks are so reliable because the manufacturer has devised ways to prevent lock bumping and other common ways of disabling the lock (like lockpicking). In fact, the company holds a running challenge.

The challenge goes something like this; the manufacturer would give a prize money if anyone can disable their lock in 10 minutes via lockpicking or lock bumping. To this day, no one has claimed the prize money. There is a reason for this.

The secret to Kwikset Locks is the internal design, Smartkey technology and BumpGuard. The manufactures are keeping all of the secrets under lock and key. However, they are willing to share that Kwikset Locks come with side locking mechanism, an ANSI Grade 1 deadbolt and metal balls. All of these prevent the effectiveness of lock picking, bump locking and even thrilling.

Kwikset Locks are one of the most reliable locks out there. The reason for this is because the manufacturer takes security seriously. The company knows the common ways of disabling locks and develops technology to disable such techniques. As of the moment, the technology that is incorporated into the Kwikset Locks makes it highly resistant to techniques such as drilling, lock picking and lock bumping.

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