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exit bar2Exit devices are installed on hollow metal doors and on aluminum doors. They are used in commercial buildings such as Hospitals, offices, Care centers, restaurants, schools and retail stores. There are many types of exit devices. The push pad rim device and the crossbar rim device are frequently used. Push pad rim device has modern appearance while the crossbar rim device has more classic styles. There are design factors to consider when buying exit devices irrespective of which style one will prefer to buy. Special thanks to the guys at for the information below.


Factors to consider when installing exit devices

1.- Security and Safety: The first factor you should have in mind is security and the safety of your property. An exit device should conform to ANSI Grade 1 specifications. It is of great importance to get adjustable strikes, hardened steel latches, hex dogging and concealed mounting screws. To decrease the risk of code damages, get designs without openings for chains in push pad rim device. They should be made in a way they can resist force entry and tampering that is the burglar tries to use coat hanger or even other tools.

Installing Exit Device2. – Easy to install: Prioritize on exit devices that are easy to install, adjust and even maintain. Crossbar rim device are easy and simplest to work with. Some of them can be installed on narrow stiles as 1 inches and they are easy to convert in right hand or left hand operation. If you prefer push pad rim device choose the one that requires less maintenance and has few parts. This is essential on high-traffic doors.

3. – Option variety: If the exit devices has variety of options the better for you. Crossbar rim devices are widely used since they have varieties of architectural finishing and are available in many color paints. This great feature up scales the office or building for retail investments. In crossbar rim devices the variety of styles should be adjustable to suitably fit the width of any door. Compared to crossbar rim devices push pad do not come in many finishes but some companies that are well advanced have variety in metal finishes. Push pad are available in 42 inches, 45 inches, 36 inches and 30 inches lengths and they may have electrical options for additional security.

4. – Exterior option for the exit devices: You will need to decide on the exterior options, there is no need to put trims if the door need to be opened from outside. You can fix a pull handle and lock cylinder or lock cylinder alone if it is necessary.



- Exit devices have come a long way with design improvement and modern technology changing day in and day out. Commercial hardware companies create products that have been allowing changes in security needs as they consider prioritizing human safety. Exit devices have a big role in many businesses. This includes:

1. – Retail establishment: Store, grocery, clothing malls and small retail shops can control theft cases as well as unauthorized employees using their facilities by the installing exit devices on their doors.

2. – Restaurants: Restaurants are normally build with two or more sets of doors for the public to used, fitting exit devices of any kind will help monitor movements in the restaurant. Other doors that may need to be installed with the exit devices are staff-only entrance, shipping entrance, emergency exit and the kitchen door.

3. – Daycare Centers and Schools: The security of children comes first in many institutions. For these reason children can safely be contained in a building if the school has installed exit devices that will enable only a staff to either open or close the door for the child. The exit devices should also be easy to manage. In case of an emergency the children and the staff can be able to use the door with less difficulty.

4. – Care Homes: Care homes need to monitor their door use and may include alarmed exit devices. To prevent vulnerable individuals from leaving their premises without their concern. You may involve the use of a press button before using the exit device to exit the building this may minimize the wandering of vulnerable residents in the building.

Types of Exit devices

The first crush bar was made in early 1900 and marketed under brand name von Duprin. Although other modern companies have come up this company still manufactures exit devices. Technology has allowed the use of stronger and lighter materials in manufacturing exit devices. This has brought about wide range of quality exit devices on the market. There are three basic types of exit devices that one can choose best options for exit devices. They include:

1. – Mortise style: This type of crash bar has its locking system mounted into a cavity in the door. It is manageable and if well used can last long.

2. – Concealed/ Surface style: Concealed exit devices can provide added latching at the bottom or at the top of the doors. It is installed with vertical rods. These types of exit devices can be used when aesthetics have strong factors in the door design.

3. – Rim style: It is basically used on doors with multiple uses and it is mounted on the surface of the door form inside.


Finding a good locksmith

A good locksmith is of importance if you have to protect your home or business. There are many factors to consider before you hire someone to install exit devices on your door. These are some factors to consider:

1. – Qualifications: Every job has it experts and if you have to get your exit devices fixed well look for the experts in the field. Most people do not specialize in the field but learn through experiences, it is wise to know if the person you want to hire has the required skills and if possible is employed by a company.

expensive2. -Costs: One must negotiate the prices of installing exit devices and let the locksmith give an affordable quotation that you are able to pay from your budget. Some exit devices are expensive due to type or models. Ensure you get the required device.

Exit devices are of great consideration if security comes fast in your priorities. It is always advisable to select Exit devices that are of high quality to avoid maintenance costs especially in busy building and area. One should get products that have been tested for reliability and functionality. They are labeled (UL) that stands for underwriters Laboratory. You are in a position to choose best options for exit devices after understanding factors to consider when installing exit devices, applications of exit devices, types and finding a good locksmith that will install your door with exit devices.

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