Advantages of a Biometric Fingerprint Lock

biometric fingerprint lockThe advent of biometrics has made personal identification much easier. The website defines biometrics as the process by which certain unique characteristics of a person can be used to make a positive identification of that person. For example, no two people have the exact same voice, DNA, or fingerprints. When the principles of biometrics are applied to door locks, the result will be increased safety. In fact, the object of this post will be to provide you with some advantages of this type of lock–especially one that uses fingerprints as its method of identification.

Security Based on Fingerprints

No two people have the same set of fingerprints. The design of each fingerprint is unique to that person as an individual. Thus if the door and lock do not recognize the set of fingerprints of a person attempting to gain entry into your home or business, that individual will be blocked from gaining access, period. Unlike password locks, there is no possibility that this type of door can be hacked.

Eliminates Problem Of Lost Keys

If you have a tendency to lose keys, this, indeed, could be a costly habit. The only way to keep your home or business safe or secure under such circumstances, indeed, would to be to opt for a total lock change, which, indeed, could be quite expensive, depending on how many locks in the house or building need changing because one member of your household or employee crew lost his or her keys. The same would hold true with a security card. The cost of replacing those can also run quite high. However, one of the advantages of a biometric fingerprint lock is that no one can lose a fingerprint. With a fingerprint lock no one can gain access unless your lock system is programmed to recognize that given person’s fingerprint.

Difficult to Override

biometric fingerprint lock2A biometric fingerprint lock system is difficult–if not entirely impossible–to override. Other types of keyless systems–including doors that require key cards or passwords–can be hacked by a criminal who is experienced at this. Nobody can hack a fingerprint system. The fingerprints of the person attempting to gain access to your building or home either match those in the system, or they don’t. If they do not, the person will not be granted access.

More Secure Than Traditonal Locks

Yet another one of the advantages of a biometric fingerprint lock is that–unlike a traditional lock–it’s not susceptible to being picked or copied. A traditional door lock key can be duplicated, and someone can burglarize your property, enabling them to steal your belongings, and gain access to sensitive information on your computers. Let’s say you own a business–such as a medical or dental practice, or a counseling center. It could lead to ethical ramifications if your place of business was ransacked, and your personal computer was stolen, and the criminal was able to hack your files and gain access to your clients’ personal information.

User Friendly

biometric fingerprint lock1This type of lock is easy to install or operate. Once you program the system, it is able to work efficiently without being high maintenance and high cost. If you do not feel comfortable installing and/or programming the equipment, you can ask someone to help you, although not without a fee.

Makes Employee Management Easier

As Realestatearticles4u’s Greg Pierce explains, you never have to worry again about who is punching your time clocks as if he or she were your employee. If you were to install this device on your time clocks–no one will be able to steal time from you or from a fellow employee. The fingerprint system won’t recognize anyone but the employee who possesses the set of given fingerprints.

More Economical In the Long Run

As the Shopkeylesslocks website suggests, these lock systems may seem expensive in the short run. However, by having a biometric fingerprint lock installed, you will be purchasing a lock that can withstand rain, snow, and other bad weather without rusting, and does not require constant repairs and maintenance. Indeed, the costs of repairs and upkeep can increase household expenses, or overhead, if the place receiving the locks is a business. This is because the materials in the lock are high-quality, made to withstand the elements.

Types of Biometric Locks

Another advantage of these locks is that they come in at least three different brands. According to the website, you can choose the NX4 Biometric, the Aegis Optical, or the Anviz L 100. In the case of the NX4, it looks like a normal deadbolt when you first look at it. However, if you look closer, you will notice that it has a scanner cover on it. Lift it and you will find that the technology behind this type of lock that makes it stand out from the traditional deadbolt lock. For instance, this system has the capability to store 99 different sets of fingerprints. This is ideal if you own a business with 100 or fewer employees. It is easy to program, and you do not have to remember a lot of passwords for it to continue to work for you. The website also suggests that if it becomes necessary to fire an employee, you can delete his fingerprints from your file.

The Aegis Optical biometric fingerprint lock system allows you to use keypad codes, fingerprint scans, or a traditional key to enter the building in case of an emergency, such as a power outage. Like the NX4, it holds up to 100 fingerprint scans, and therefore, is also a good buy for an employer of 100 employees or less.

The Anviz L 100 is the ideal fingerprint lock system if your business employs more than 100, but less than 200, for it has more storage space than the others. It is easy to install, and is capable of withstanding any kind of inclement weather. It also comes with a set of keys you can use in case of a power failure due to a storm or other calamity.

Because of the security breaches that many of us hear about on the news daily, as well as thefts from homes or businesses, you should look for a dealer who sells this type of lock. Indeed, if your home or business is in an area known for its high crime rates, just think of the increased security you will have if you were to install–or have installed–a biometric fingerprint lock.

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